Suddenly Post: Do we need a PS4?


Which is the answer. The reason being is because most likely I can’t afford it.

Wait wait wait wait waaiittt!!! Okay okay, let’s make this more interesting by supplying… dun dun dun dunnnnnn… reasons. *wink*

If any of you wondering on why am I suddenly back to posting stuffs, well that because my bro L, is posting this question before me. Do check him out on his blog right about here.


I remembered back in those days where I was walking at a mall, minding my own business, when suddenly I saw kids watching a car race on a TV. I still think it was a TV, until I realized one of the kids was having a seizure like in one of those Harlem Shake video thingy. And I realized, daaaayyyymn, that race was a game! 

Fast forward to 2013, Sony announced PS4 with way better graphic than PS3. 

Mmm…. How better?


Oh my gawd, it looks like a real angry bird!!!

Then you start to focus on graphics and I agree with Leon, the developers will focus on the graphic so much that we lose re-playability and story-line value. And also one point here is that we already have good graphics with PS3. Look at games like Skyrim, Assassin’s Creed, LA Noire, and many more awesaum graphics games. Then look at games such as Need For Speed series after Underground. When they focus on story, the gameplay falls short, when they focus on graphic, the story falls short. Or Thousand Year War by Koei which gave me headache running across France on foot. Every. Single. Freakin’. Mission. (yes, i know they have horses. I like swords. it is cool. Swooordddssssss) So please, focus on gameplay and story. Look at Final Fantasy VII, Game Dev Story, or Disgaea. 


PlayStation Move

Nintendo Wii have their Wii-mote and Nunchuks. XBox have Kinect. And PlayStation have their famous PlayStation Move featuring their most famous game…. well…. none. Seriously, I can’t imagine how manly it is to play Resident Evil using those stick with a glowing ball at the end of it.


 At least, you have light. +2 dex -2 int

I’ll use my normal controller, thank you. And my teddy bear. TEDDY BEAR IS MANLY! For…. gaming companion… yeah…. carry on.


… Don’t we have it already? Like on every platform there is? Really? Carry on.


No. Just no. One fine day I was browsing my facebook trying to stalk… *ahem*…. monitor… some of my friends. And suddenly. *BAM* XXXXX invited you to play Something Rush. I was like, “What?” Then just like a minute afterwards XXXXXX found a carrot on XXXXVille!!! Wanna help? Hell no. I hate these invites, people. Please, if any of you were invited by me to play some games, just ignore or delete them. Unless I really need a rainbow farting unicorn. Please help me. Those things are dayum rare.

Anyway, my point is, nobody actually cares what games you’re playing unless they really care about you and if that’s the case then most likely they will ask you that question themselves instead of you shoving the info to their face.


I see you’re playing Cake Story. Charming.

My final take is this:

When Apple release iPhone 5, a lot of people was dumbfounded by the “improvement” that they made, because it was something…. well…. not revolutionary. But people will still buy it. What about PS4? I don’t know. I’ve seen what have become of Sega Saturn. Remember the fun games we used to play on Sega Saturn? No? Well neither did I. I was playing PSOne that time. Then came PS2. Naaaiissseee… then PS3, OMGOMGOMGOMGAWESAUM. So, what about PS4? With all the rants from people, I’m sure, there will still be people complaining on the internet while playing their Diablo 3 on their brand new PS4. But for me…. most likely I will stick to my PS3 or even move to XBox domain.

That’s it from me, L. Back to you. 🙂


Don’t do drugs, people!


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