AFA 2009: Our initial “feedbacks”

In case you guys are not in the loop within Japanese culture world, in Singapore starting today ends tomorrow is Anime Festival Asia 2009. This is the second year that they actually have this kind of festival with the one being last year. (well, duh…) This festival’s goal is to… euh… *open site* celebrate all things related to Japanese animation and popular culture. *o* Yeah…

Anyway, I was there with my friend, and therefore today’s review will be done in two person view, with me and 00, of course 😀

Me: So my first impression when we first got in, there’s this really friendly guy from Bandai greeting us…

00: He’s doing the leaflet thingy, actually, eh?

Me: Yeah, the leaflet thingy… Anyway, my first impression of the AFA is actually kinda good, because I saw a biga*s Gundam statue. And anything with a Gundam is good news for me.

00: And the Gundam is actually kind of the main attraction there, Bandai is going all out on this Gundam thing. They set up this huge spot just to display all the Gundam merchandises and also for the BAKUC.

Me: Here’s the thing, the Bandai site is good and all that, but the others are kinda… none. There’s nothing that really appeals to me. The Gundam stall is “overrun” by Takashimaya that of course, holds Takashimaya style pricing (20% sale after they top up the price in the first place). The good news is, for those of you who is a fans of the vinyl line of kamen rider, they’re putting it on sale for 5SGD only.

00: Plus there’s this limited editions vinyl toys like Shin Kamen Rider and Kamen Rider ZX.

Me: Ah, yes. After all the flare in Bandai, there’s actually nothing interests me at all.

00: Here’s what happened, the point of coming to AFA, asides from looking for a good deal to buy some new plamo kit, is to actually hear news about new anime which is coming out. The only new anime that we heard was Gundam Unicorn and Freedom Formula. How about the rest then? None.  Not even the slightest news about such new anime like Needless, Nyaan Koi, Bakemonogatari, or even Kamen Rider W and no news at all on any of the Sentai.

Me: Which to us is kinda weird. This year’s AFA focus more on moe-blob anime, cosplay, and the infamous Moe moe kyun café which doesn’t interest me at all. And while we’re on that topic, how come I see some dude taking pictures using their own camera just because they know some of the maid? So, if you know each other, you can break the rule, eh?

00: Yeah, if only Tieria agrees to be one of the maid…

Me: Euh… that’s kinda different.

00: Oh, so no chance of me knowing anyone then…

Me: Sort of…. Well, here’s my overall pointers, if you’re into cosplay, moe-blob, maids, and Gundam, please do visit AFA 2009, they’re the place for you. As for me, I’m only into the Gundam and a few of the cosplayer. I mean, the only moe anime that I watch is only K-on and that’s because I used to be in a band, so I know how crappy it is to build a band from scratch. Hahaha. Other than that, I’ll stick to 3D, thank you. My haul from AFA 2009? Squat. I didn’t get anything from it, probably due to the number of bloggers, or due to the amount of American style comics, I actually thinks that STGCC kinda pwned AFA this year. (on the side note, I actually met Dennis there, hahaha, getting anything, man?) And yes, I just lost my 15SGD to go inside and shoved by those retards with huge arse camera. My advice to all that bring huge cameras there, LOOK TO YOUR F*CK*N SURROUNDING, DIMWIT. JUST BECAUSE YOUR CAMERA COST MORE THAN MY SALARY DOESN’T MEAN YOU CAN STEP ON MY TOE, BRUSH MY SHOULDER, THEN STARE AT ME LIKE BRAINLESS SEAWEED! AND MOVE YOUR ARSE AFTER TAKING PICTURE, JUST BECAUSE YOUR CAMERA IS HUGE DOESN’T MEAN YOU CAN BLOCK THE VIEW OF OTHERS.

Yep, they do irritate me that much. You don’t like it, suck it up. There’s a norm out there and this world revolves around it to make a great society. Well, here’s a few pointer from me…

If you’re there:

  • Check on the Bandai stall, they’re super cool.
  • There’s a lot of cosplayer, starting from Naruto to some whatshisface anime.
  • Swords and guns are for sale! The one permitted by the SPF, of course, not to worry.
  • Moe blobs and the merchandises… including those freaky cards with the little girls pictures on it.

Things to avoid:

  • Irresponsible kids with huge camera.
  • Stupid passerby that thinks in front of camera is the best path and they think that they’re photogenic, where they’re actually crapogenic.
  • Breaking the rules in the maid café, unless you knew some of them actually, cos rules are made for public and that excludes friends.
  • Cosplayer with huge props. I got my nose pocked by Nimwit and Dimwit’s keyboard from Vocaloid after I bought my ticket, no words from them. (you know, the wunder blond twins that can sing like two little girls?)

And that’s all. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’d like to go to the electronic fair next hall, I hear they sell TV for a really good price. Ciao.

Side note: The electronics fair really do sells TVs for a very good price. I bought one. A 2 SGD ice cream, I mean, not the TV. Haha.


11 thoughts on “AFA 2009: Our initial “feedbacks”

  1. I didn’t get anything too….was hoping for some sale stuff but its more of those metallic finish zakus and RX78-2s…ending up just taking pictures!

    • Yeah, those metallic zaku and RX78-2 looked weird to me. I never realy liked the all metallic version of the model kit. Bandai should realized this soon, otherwise their limited edition thingy will be a waste.

      Extra finish version… now that’s another thing.

  2. That’s one post with emotions and thoughts on AFA. Thank you linking me up bro! Nice to meet you at AFA and even nicer to meet the next day at Taka. You are right! Those so call photographers with big camera should be mindful of passerbys and be remain professional at crowded situation like this.

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