Model Kit Review: RX-78-2 30th Anniversary SP

I’m fine, 00, thanks, and I hope the readers as well ^_^ Oh, and I see you bring RX-78-2 G30 with you. Lemme give a brief intro then.

That kit is HGUC RX-78-2 30th Anniversary special, and was released to celebrate the opening of 1/1 Gundam statue in Tokyo a few months back. This kit was made exactly like the statue including some lining here and there on the body frame to show that this is the exact replica.

Aside from the weapons that you can get if you purchase the first release of RX78, they also add Gundam’s famous morning star. All that’s left now is the beam javelin, eh? However they do not give any beam saber effect. The beam saber effect that you see in the photo was taken from 0 Gundam.

Action articulation wise, the movement of the joints are good, not as agile as 00 gundam or 0 gundam but the mobility is still there. So, you can still get the feel of RX78 as an agile close combat mobile suit.

Yes, we kinda get the idea there, 00. Oh, one note, the beam saber and hilt is from 0 Gundam, I kinda snatched it, coz I put them nearby anyway, hahaha.

Now, let’s compare between the first generation and G30:

Just hold still… So you can see the design comparison between the 2. Somehow I feel that G30’s face looks more like the anime, whaddaya think guys?

The thruster design looks more like Nu Gundam’s thruster in a simplified form, btw. (and my friend pointed out it looks like Hazel Gundam as well… not so sure about this, tho~ )

Okay, okay, stop bickering… why don’t you show us your morning star, G30.

Yes, the chain is a real chain. (for those of you who’s wondering… ^_^ )


C ya, G30! Well, anyway, that’s all for this review. Overall, the kit is an enjoyable HGUC to start with. And FYI, I start my HGUC with RX78-2 a few years back ^^ One thing you want to take into consideration is the lining process. I did it wrongly using pencil instead of gundam marker. And the flash is not helping either -_-;;

Oh, btw, please give an input on the photo result. I was playing with the light in my room… ok, I just changed the light bulb 😀 So, flash (this post) or no flash (previous photo)? That is the question ^^


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8 thoughts on “Model Kit Review: RX-78-2 30th Anniversary SP

    • Yeah, thought, so, L.

      I use pencil coz there’s too many line to outline, figure that pencil will be less messy. Apparently, the smudge of pencil is equally disturbing compared to marker. -_-;;

      I’m open for suggestion on this topic.

  1. Ah I prefer those without the flash. The flash drowns out the details, couldn’t tell that you panel lined your RX78 from the pic. I also just started on my RX78, quite surprised that they gave an actual chain! Anyway the last pic was really funny haha:D

    • Hahaha, the morning star is an add on. They lose the beam saber tho~

      The backdrop that I use contributes as well, I suppose. White vs flash = no good. Haha. Are you a fan of RX-78 as well, btw? Or other Gundam series?

      • The beam saber is molded in pure white glory haha 😀

        I am more of a fan of 0083 and G gundam ^^ Old school stuff 😀 Can’t say no to GP03s with the dendrobium unit and God Gundam Epic heat end finishing moves. I only started collecting kits last year from the Gundam 00 series. Now slowly expanding the UC collection bit by bit 😀

  2. Great review and comparison. I prefer to take pics without flash provided the surrounding is bright enough. You got a point that gundam marker smudging and it makes little room for correction once damage was done. I should adopt using pencil for trIal.

    Anyway, I feel like working on a HGUC GM Command.

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