Model Kit Showcase: RX-78 Gundam

Yo, ‘sup there, 00 Gundam?

Oh hi, RX 78-2… ^_^
True, for those of you who’s a bit rusty on Gundam history, RX-78-2 is the first Gundam, and to prove that he’s the first, his design is simple, and he didn’t have any name but Gundam (compared to Strike, Turn A, Zeta, or 00 Gundam…)

Ooooh… now G3 is designed to be suitable for space combat. However, 78-2 himself already seems to excel in all situation thanks to Mr. Amuro Ray ^_^;
Euh… I thought you say one… Well, anyway, G30 actually stands for Gundam’s 30th anniversary, and this model kit is actually a replica of the 1/1 Gundam statue in Japan. (mental note: do a review on RX-78-2-G30)

Whoa… If one Gundam can alter war outcome, wonder what 3 Gundams can do? πŸ˜€

Well, c ya around, guys. Ciao.


6 thoughts on “Model Kit Showcase: RX-78 Gundam

  1. You can add O gundam from gundam 00 ^^. Its a tribute mech to amuro in every way πŸ˜€ Even the voice actor is the same haha.

    Just can’t get enough of gundams ^^

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