STGCC 2009: Focus on Animax

If you like anime or japanese music, you will definitely know about Animax. This channel has been the provider of anime and japanese latest music especially for those subscribing to cable tv. For me personally, I enjoy my gundam fix and my J-Pop (and visual rock, of I’m lucky) from Animax. Asides from that, they also show some of the most famous anime around. This month alone, they will show animes such as Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood, Shakugan no Shana II, Hayate the Combat Butler, and also Tears to Tiara. Loads of choice, huh?

Anyway, when I saw the logo at the STGCC, I was kinda puzzled on what to offer, normally anime based booth will just basically display well… the anime. However, this year Animax display something really different. Instead of displaying the usual booth, this time they give chance for people to actually try to be a part of the anime. Now you can’t expect to have cosplay again because that would be standard and not so unique. Instead, they let you be a dubber. Yep, those people that gives souls to character? The dubber (in English) or seiyuu (in Japanese)? You can try to be one of ‘em. How bout that for a change? Ha!

When we were there (we as in the blogger media), one nice lady offer us that chance as well to try to be a dubber. I was eager seeing my friend in action to voice one of the famous characters there. However, I was eager to try myself because I always wanted to try to become a dubber, hahaha. I tried to voice one of the main characters from Nodame Cantabile (Chiaki), and apparently being a dubber is difficult. o_O You gotta match your voice with the character’s expression, and you must convince the audience that it is Chiaki and not you. Kudos to all the dubbers/seiyuu-tachi out there.

Aside from dubbing booth, they also give you chance to try to present and even do a proper audition to be a presenter, and if you’re lucky you might get recruited by Animax. So, for those who miss it, sorry people, u guys just missed a rare opportunity.

Okay, without further ado, here are the pics, enjoy.

Hmm? Whyyy soooo serrriousssss? Probably because he’s at the moment trying out to be a presenter 😀

Here is the booth on the second day of the convention, apparently they change the dubbing station into a presenter station, because this is how it looks on the media day:

Thanks to ZhiHao for this photo.

Can you see all the eager people in the background? Haha. Good luck, peeps! (Side note, the lovely lady on the left is the one who give pointers to me when I try to do dubbing)

If you wanna see me doing dubbing, you can check it on one of the links to my toy hobbyists friend on the right side of this blog. But here’s one photo for all my friends, courtesy of Leon.

And that’ll be all about Animax. Ciao.


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