STGCC 2009: Picture Gallery 1

Main sign at Suntec Convention Center entrance…Some grafitti created by the guest and VIP artists.
Including our friendly neighborhood… Joker. (well, okay, not that friendly… he’s nuts.)
Some cute cosplayer is ready in front of the main entrance as well, this one is from… euh… I have no idea.
Kamen Rider Kiva is there to say hi as well. Hi Wataru!
Wii stand! Yes, Leon, I’m not looking at the game.

The wii stand are promoting the new Wii Resort, btw, the games that I like are the Swordplay and the arrow game.
In front of the Starhub, there’s a huge crowd waiting… Is it for an artist’s signature?
Nope, it’s for freebies. Yes, people, you can get some freebies here especially if you’re playing Wii or purchasing it.

Nintendo puts a lot of effort in this STGCC 2009, and I must say, they did (or do) one hell of a job here 😀If Wii resort is not “sexy” enough for you, apparently Wii is going to launch Oneechanbara game.

This game have enough zombie and smexiness to make guys go “Wiiiiiii!”.And if you want more zombie, less bikini, here ya go, the latest in the House of The Dead franchise… Overkill.
I spot Keroro Gunsou and Momonoji sitting side by side at the Bandai booth. This is the USB version of them, btw.
Some droolizer SIC from bandai. This line is called SIC Takumi, btw. They are gashapon size but beautifully sculpted depicting some action or scene from the real series.

And Strike Freedom Gundam with a gashapon machine in the middle -_-

See ya in part 2… 😀


2 thoughts on “STGCC 2009: Picture Gallery 1

  1. I was @ STGCC for the third day and I’m going again later. Met up with Desmond from Desmond’s Toy and Joseph from Tokyo Hunter (all the way from Japan). There were a lotz of cosplayers and so carnival like!

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