STGCC 2009

Warning: this post is heavy on words, my phone camera failed me again and every picture I took looked grainy. And yes, I will present you a better resolution pictures on Saturday. *cross fingers that I will actually have a room to take pictures.*

Singapore Toy, Games and Comic Convention. Here, lemme give you the poster before I start…logo_sgtoycomiccon_2009

Now now, if you’re still clueless on what’s this poster is all about, it’s a convention about toys and games and it’s located in Singapore. (why you’re very smart, mr. Obvious, here have a rock. Hahahaha…)

Just kidding, peeps. This is an event where all the toy lovers, hobbyists, scrappers, crappers, blahblahers… (ok ok, I’m kinda outdated with this terms, all I know is  I belong to hobbyists. And by the waaaay, crappers refer to clueless bunch who’ll go in just because the admission is free.)

Wait wait wait… did I just say FREE?? Yep, the admission is, ladies and gentle ladies… FREE. No charge. So, probably you’re thinking, what will I get then? A lot. (you also might be thinking, why the heck did I just start updating without a proper explanation… euh… I don’t have one. Moving on.)

I went in to the convention at Suntec Convention Center with a doubt on my mind. I always doubt things. Wise man said… only fools rush in. (and yes, cousin, that is also what Julio Iglesias sang) However, after peeking inside while queuing for my Media pass with Leon from OpenTheToy I started to have my hope there. I can’t wait to get inside!

So, after I got my pass, I went into the hall 401 being greeted by none other than…. … … … an Indian uncle that didn’t smile back when I smile to him. T_T

Then you will directly see Wii stand filled with gir…ahem…games, Bandai stand filled with Gashapon and one 1/1 SD Strike Freedom Gundam (no grandpa gundam T_____T ), and of course following the current movie hype… Dora… j/k… Hasbro stand with GI Joe and ROTFLOL … I mean Transformers: ROTF. If you’re a gamer or a hobbyist you will directly know that this is it. Your place, your zone, or from Leon’s term, your niche. (Juliana also said the same, I used the word forte instead tho~)

Now, this post will be boring without any pictures. (I even congratulate you for reading this far hahahahah….) However, I don’t have any pictures of the event at the moment. You guys just have to wait until Saturday for my part of photos. However, being a Media guy, I’m sure my comrades have posted things about the event, such as:

Do please visit their site while I collect more photos for you guys to see. Meanwhile, let us begin the 2009 STGCC, here’s the opening horn for you to see courtesy of me. (on the side note: the camera girl in front of me is cute… and so is the wii girl… and so is some other girl… hahahaha… I’m single, what can I do? Hahahaha.)

That’s all for now. Thanks to Leon for the Media pass, and thanks to the other blogger for making this event fun, and also thanks to my producer… wait… let’s stop it there.



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