Zen of the Whatever

Me: One small oreo blizzard, please.
Dairy Queen dude: Okay, sir.
DQ dude: *starts getting busy*
DQ dude: *mixing and doing all that thingymajiggy*
DQ dude: here ya go, sir *flip the cup, quarter of the blizzard fell off*
Me: …
DQ dude: uh… wait, I’ll clean up the spill.
Me: …
DQ dude: Shall I put another cup so it won’t spill? *slide the smaller cup and spill some more in the process*
Me: …
DQ dude: Uh… I’ll just probably make another one.
Me: Yeah, you should.

Zen: In some situations, the less you talk the better it will be. Especially if you’re stuck on a hot sunny day, next to a queue of girls that’s eager to find a new gossip about a dude fussing over a cup o’ ice cream.


PS: if you’re wondering what is Oreo blizzard, just check on the Dairy Queen’s website. The rule of the serving is: when you flip it upside down, the ice cream was supposed to stick firmly.


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