Kit Review: HG 1/144 Seravee and Seraphim

Hi guys, I’m feeling bored and kind of feeling not in the mood to do anything. Nevertheless, I will share you this kit which I wanted to review for quite some time ago, but didn’t have the chance to. Well the chance is there, truthfully speaking, the mood is not.

Anyway, today’s kit will be the HG 1/144 Seravee and Seraphim at one go. Why is that? It’s because both of them are always together, literally speaking. And both are piloted by the same guy, Tieria Erde. (remember, they stick together…)

First up, here’s the poster I created for the guy.

Why the words “change”? It’s because of Tieria’s wish to fight to change humanity to a better level. Okay, let’s see. Seravee is the little brother of Virtue, and therefore inherit Virtue’s functionality. Therefore, Seravee’s position in the team and Virtue’s position is the same. The team’s big hitter.

The model kit has 4 cannon mounted on the kit itself, two on the backpack and two on the knees. He’s also equipped with extra gun for extra firepower. That gun can shoot a large amount of beam and can also be separated for a more disperse line of shooting. Voila, exhibit number one:

The main question regarding Seravee is actually his backpack. The main focus is on the gundam face and the rumors that Seravee actually possess 4 arms, 4 legs, and 3 heads. So, since the front part looks like a normal Gundam with a heap load of armor, we focus on two things, the inner frame and the backpack. Apparently, Seravee’s secret is in the backpack. Behold:

Now, do some pose together guys…

And some team post…

Alrighty, that’s all for Seravee. See you guys around. Ciao.


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