Movie Review Time: Street Fighter – The Legend of Chun-Li

I am actually puzzled. The poster shows someone beat the living daylight out of Vega… But that someone is nonexistent throughout the movie. Hmm. Well, let alone that, Vega itself only shows his oversize mask thrice, and he’s in action only once. Now don’t phunk with my heart here, Hollywood. (Hint here…) Oh yeah, the chick next to Balrog? She’s uber useless.

Street Fighter. Before Tekken, before Virtua Fighter, before a lot of gibberish anime-style fighting game, there was Street Fighter. Last time, if we have extra coins to spare, we’ll go to the nearest arcade, then grow some blister on our finger due to repeatedly try to Hadouken each other.

So what’s the difference between Street Fighter and Dragon Ball in terms of Hollywood remake? Well, this one doesn’t have the word Evolution. So, let’s review the story line. The story starts with Chun-Li (Kristin Kreuk) when she was still a child and Asian. She’s being taught to play piano and also how to do Wu Shu by her father. (Played by Edmund Chen) Now her father’s business is assumed a bit in the shadowy side, but of course, Chun-Li never really asked what does her father do, how come she’s not so Asian anymore when she reach 14, and also why is it that her father doesn’t age at all. I will be very suspicious if I were Chun-Li… Anyway, the story starts getting sour by the time Bison along with Balrog decided to kidnap Chun-Li Daddy and then imprison him inside an HDB room. I mean a prison. And Chun-Li vow to find her daddy and while doing that destroying Bison and his Shadalo organization. Or Shadow Law, or Shadaloo, or Shadoloo… Yes, even I get confused in the end about the name.

Now if they don’t really put Street Fighter as a title, this movie would’ve been nice, I think. But since they put Street Fighter and even bringing in Chun-Li (D’oh!), Bison, Balrog, Vega, Gen, Nash, and … Ra Yu’s name (yes, that’s how Gen pronounce Ryu). People are a bit expecting more on the Street Fighter side… Probably a few SFtards will want to see some of Bison’s famous flying blue-ish punch technique.
(Score: 0.5 – After her dad’s death, the story pretty much becoming good ol’ police vs drug cartel kinda thing…)

Here is the list of people which is casted well:
– Chun-Li (Okay, this time, I only say this because of Kreuk… )
– Balrog (Big guy that looks as if he can make a mash potato out of a tank… check.)
– Gen (Somehow Liu Kang looks wise in this movie… and also Gen really kick a*s!!)
– Chun-Li Daddy (aside from his immortal problem, his part is actually good)
– Chun-Li Mommy (Okay, I get it, legend of Chun-Li, rite… serious casting, huh?)

The other way around:
– Bison’s Family (all gave me a big “huh?” and where’s his signature red uniform??)
– Vega (I like your song, Taboo, but not your oversized mask, and the fact that you’re down on the count after one strike)
– Charlie Nash and Lady Useless (Nash looks far from the game, remember Nash was supposed to be Guile’s partner and both come from the military. Chris Klein is just plain too pretty. And the girl, well, useless.)

(Score: 0.5 – Sorry, guys, no Evolution, then you must at least look as close as possible to the game)

Euh… What can I say? There’s not much in this sense, the graphic are just similar to Bangkok Dangerous, and the costumes are mostly black. One thing that I like tho~ is Bangkok’s SWAT Team. Aside from they have a SWAT there (with the name of SWAT), the nameless guy that follow Nash around looks kinda Splinter Cell-ish and is really good. Hahahaha…

Wait, I just remembered. There’s one scene where Chun-Li’s dress is similar to the one in the game, and even though she danced ugly, the outfit is talking a different thing.
(Score: 0.5 – Hyakuretsu kyaku!! The one thing that I’m waiting for in the movie is seeing Kristin Kreuk doing that.)

I didn’t pay much attention to the soundtrack… Hmm… I guess the soundtrack is just good enough for me not to give any complain or remarks… I’ll just give it a full mark on that.

I just remembered, the fighting’s sound effect is actually rather cool.
(Score: 1 – Listen to Bison’s super charged kick, hehehehe. )

Action/Fighting Scene:
Despite the fact that Vega went down like a girl, the fighting scene is actually good and this is those movie where the master didn’t actually suddenly become useless then the student must avenge the master. Probably it’s because of Robin Shou’s awesomeness, I dunno. Well, anyway, I like the fighting scene.
(Score: 1 – Bam Schlam Kablam!!! At least Gen shows some awesome way of how a mortal can kombat… 😀 hints.)

Overall, the score will be 3.5/5… This is that kind of movie that is enjoyable, but will leave some criticism. I can even imagine other blog or movie critics will say that this movie is basically crap. Now I want to appreciate the effort here, especially to all the crew, because they have put some effort here and there. So, my final say for this movie is if you’re expecting something spectacular, watch Ben Hur instead. However, if you just want to have something entertaining, this movie will somehow suffice.

Okay, I’m done. Ciao.


6 thoughts on “Movie Review Time: Street Fighter – The Legend of Chun-Li

  1. “if you’re expecting something spectacular, watch Ben Hur instead”

    wakakaka… kalo gitu mending gue maen SF IV aja deh..

    tapi blom punya XBox 360 atau PS3 T___T

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