Movie Review Time: Dragonball Evolution

Dragon Ball. There’re already a lot of fake poster and trailers created by masters of photoshops or after effect or paintbrush even before the real deal gets officially announced. The real poster of course looks cooler. And I’m pretty much sure they really sell the girls on this one especially that there’s a fact that Piccolo Daimyo which is supposed to be central character… is missing. Or probably this, they actually sort the character based on air time and display the top 6… which is true. (Leaving Piccolo, Master Mutaito, and of course our friendly neighborhood Genie.. I mean Shenrong, you know, the dragon, oh and the rest of the bald monks with fancy moves…)

Dragon Ball series on its own is a freakin’ giant saga, so when I saw the duration, which is 84 minutes, I kinda know what to expect. After seeing the arch-enemy is actually Piccolo and knowing how the end will be, in my personal opinion, they kinda wrap this one up pretty much solid. A lot of difference with the real deal, but hey, there’s a word Evolution on the title. So for those who wishes for a strict adaptation from the anime/manga, open a dictionary and look for the word evolution, that should calm ya lot a bit.
The story itself is about preventing Piccolo who miraculously escapes from eternal prison from destroying our Earth by summoning a dragon (Shenrong). And in order to do that he has to start by collecting orange cute looking ball with moles… ahem… stars on it. Because instead of building a giant alien army with sophisticated mind boggling technologies, he and his trusty sexy sidekick decided to wish for it instead. I can see the headline, “Warlord Wished for World Destruction” Not so scary, ain’t it?
(Score: 0.5 – I hate slackers… okay, so he has his own flying toasters, but he’s still lazy -_- )

A bit intermezzo:

look at the circled part, not Eriko, okay…

I have absolutely no complain on the cast. Son Goku with his normal spiky hair, not the abnormal one from the anime/manga. Bulma and her outfit and all. Chichi and her appearance that makes most men in the world want to kill Goku as soon as possible before he’s married. Roshi looks good as well, clumsy at times, heroic at times, and collector of Bikini Quarterly magazine. The focus point here is actually Piccolo and Mai (you know, his trusty sexy sidekick which happen to be his ONLY sidekick), James Masters is a big fan of Dragon Ball, I’m guessing he even sign before reading the scripts, so his acting is pretty much good. Nah, I will say his acting is good, through that green thick skin of his. Way to go, spike!!! Hmm… did I say I like Chichi?
(Score: 1 – stiff haired, big headed, short appearance character vs. Emmy Rossum, Jamie Chung, Justin Chatwin, James Marsters, and Chow Yun Fat… come on.)

We don’t really see that much of any setups here… Just temples, big holes somewhere in the dessert that Bulma didn’t see, Chichi’s gigantic house, some tournament somewhere, I dunno. I feel kinda lost with the place… there’s no background at all on the place as well. So, I don’t really dig it, sorry.
(Score: 0.5 – what’s Goku’s address anyway?)

Ayumi Hamasaki!!! Awesome~

The soundtrack is nice. And did I mention Ayumi Hamasaki?
(Score: 1 – Just a spoonful of Ayumix makes the medicine go down… in the most futuristic way~ )

Sci-Fi/Action Scene:
It’s cool, actually. You get to see Kame Hame Ha. The blue one, not the yellow one like in most of the DBZ games. I also like Bulma’s latest #@$#%!!$^ type motorcycle. (go ask Yamcha for further specifications) One thing though… What happen to Gohan-jiisan‘s bo ? I know that Goku will left the stick after he already managed to go blond, but in this movie, that stick is the closest thing he get to… what? He already can shoot flame that can resuscitate someone? Oh, never mind then.
(Score: 1 – Kaaaaameeeee Haaaaaaameeeeee Haaaaaaaaa… and there goes my potato chip which I Kamehameha to my mouth… with one hand!! Huff… Chichi~ T_T)

Overall, the score will be 4/5… Again, if you’re a die hard DBtards that likes talking pig rather than some live action, skip it. But if you’re an open minded person, you will feel that this movie is actually kinda good. My wish is that they come up with a sequel that introduces more character like… Kuririn for example? Or Tien? And of course… the Red Ribbon army who brings the term “Ora et Labora” to a whole new meaning. Unlike some green evil guy that only do wishing and terrorizing old people…

I think that’s all. Ciao.


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