HG 1/144 Cherudim Gundam Review

Okay, let’s do this. So I’m gonna do a review about Cherudim Gundam. A little bit of back story, Cherudim, as seen in this box art:

Is actually the successor for Dynames Gundam, which is this:

Both are gundams packed with a very powerful sniper rifle that is said can snipe all the way from earth to space and vice versa. The main difference is the pilot. Dynames is piloted by Neil Dilandy and Cherudim is piloted by Neil’s twin Lyle Dilandy. Now, Neil is a better sniper than Lyle, but since they’re twin, Lyle is now trying hard to keep up with his brother as well. (that, and cherudim also have more accuracy ehancing features). So, on to the model kits, take it, 00 Gundam and Cherudim…

Hmm… careful on your stepping, cherudim, your “tail” is a bit different from Dynames’.

As I was saying… well, we’ll see the “tail” later on.

I agree with 00 since 00 Gundam is designed mainly for melee and swift combat (that gigantic pink beam sword is considered melee, btw), Seravee is designed to destroy everything in his path including motherships and even base, Arios is designed for tactical diversion and strategy destroyer. So Cherudim will be the one handling the sniping and all the gunfight.

But having a yellow gundam is just… like having pikachu as your sniper. >_>

So, if you put on the armor/shield bits, the GN Drive is actually pretty well hidden, however this resulted in cherudim having a “tail” and in return, the booster pack is just behind on top of the GN drive. Last time, Dynames’ GN Drive is in the chest like the rest of celestial being’s gundam.

Now, as I was saying the armors are actually shield bits. You also get two GN Handguns which can henkei to become a short axe for short distance melee combat, and of course a sniper rifle. All and all, it’s actually a pretty good deal compared to Dynames. (Dynames is missing it’s handgun T_T )

Euh… okay, Haro, give ‘im a hand, please.

Yeah… unbearable…

Good point, and if you see the recent episodes, apparently not only his back, but other people’s back as well. The shield can be controlled by Haro and they all have internal mechanism so that they can be controlled and deployed at will.

Similar to Dynames Head-Scope…

Again, to compensate Lyle’s accuracy, and of course to shoot further as well. Heck, probably by now they can snipe my HR manager all the way from Tokyo. .. .. Wait, don’t tell my HR Manager. Heh…


Oh my, Seravee is here as well… Hmm, let’s finish it at that, shall we? Until next review.



5 thoughts on “HG 1/144 Cherudim Gundam Review

  1. @Green_Lalat_guy
    Hahaha, thanks, man. The rifle? .. … … It’s… somewhere. (dodging question mode: on) Anyway, thanks for stopping by πŸ™‚ I’ll do a barrage of update soon, hahaha.

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