Movie Review Time: Ong Bak 2

I have no idea who is that man fighting Tony Jaa. But anyway, this is his movie after all. The elephant as well… it only show up 2 times through the movie just to be a prop for Tony Jaa’s awesomeness… Poor dumbo.
(no scoring for this)

Well… it’s about some action movie star that wanted to show his awesomeness again to the world. Wait. That’s Tony’s goal… but hey, that’s what it looks like. The story revolves around a boy who will grow becoming an always desperate looking guy who is always seeking revenge for his obliterated family. The setting of the story is in Ayothaya kingdom. (which also mentioned only twice since it’s not an important fact for the movie)
Now, I personally think that the guys focus too much on the action scene rather than actually making a story, so… The story is a bit of meh for me.
(Score: 0.5 – At least he tried 😀 )

Tony Jaa as the son looking for a revenge and in the way introduce some butt-kicking, samurai-wielding, and pyro dancing skill named Tien. Well, that’s a short name compared to all those Gundam pilots… What about the others you ask? Well… this is a movie about Tony Jaa, dude, whaddaya expect? It’s all about Tony, the rest of the cast actually shows about the number of time available divided by number of cast. There ya have it.
(Score: 0.5 – TONY JAA!!!! The rest… I’ll check IMDB)

Me likey. The setting is in ancient Thai kingdom. So a lot of ancient-ish setup and all that jazz. Okay, so I’m a big fan of historical crap. Aside from that, the grim atmosphere that the movie generate really did it for me, including scenes that was taken at broad daylight. Still feels grim. So, graphical aspect, it iz nize.
(Score: 1 – Me likey.)

The ancient Thai music is really nice. Especially during the fighting scenes. Makes your heart goes ba-dum ba-dum. Haha. Anyway, I’m very easy in accepting new music.
The sound of those unfortunate stunt man that got kicked so quick they don’t even get a line is also satisfying. Wham schlam kablam kapow. Yeah, something like that. 😀
(Score: 1 – Music’s nice.)

Action Scene:
Awesome. It’s awesome. Now the first thing that you shouldn’t do is to compare this fighting scene with Ip Man, or Red Cliff II. It’s different. Don’t even compare it to the likes of Jackie Chan and Jet Lee. It’s on a different euh… branch. But Tony Jaa’s fighting scene is awesome. And in this movie, he’s not doing some specific Muay Thai style, he does a fusion of Muay Thai, Kung Fu Fist, even some sword fighting skill. (oh, and don’t forget… dancing.)
(Score: 1 – can’t go beyond 1…)

So, overall? My score is 4/5. Sure it got some slowness in the storyline or even the cast. Especially the Masters, those guys are like there, but not doing anything significant… >_> But, for Tony Jaa’s first break in co producing, writing story, and playing in it. Well, it’s quite enjoyable. And you get a sneak peak for Ong Bak 3 as well… that’s said to be the story between Ong Bak 1 and Ong Bak 2.

Cameo watch: Ong Bak’s Buddha head and tony jaa’s baldie sidekick. (whatever his name is… sorry.)



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