Movie Review Time: Changeling

Well, nuthin’ fancy, just Angelina Jolie and a kid. Normal picturing, only this time, Jolie decided not to adopt the new kid and look for her own kid instead. Sorry, new kid, you just don’t look needy enough… unlike the others.

This movie is actually based on the Wineville Chicken Coop Murders that really happens in 1928. This movie is directed by Clint Eastwood, and just like most of his movies, it’s very long. But the thing is, since this is a true story, and some of us never had a chance to actually read about it, it’s interesting.
Now, here’s a catch… SPOILER alert… don’t read through if you don’t like ’em… the story have no ending. Why? Because in the real story, the main characters really have no ending. And Clint Eastwood stick to this fact. Now after more than 2 hrs watching a missing child case, this can be a bit annoying…
(Score: 0.5 – I know I know… hate me for this, but I like endings, okay?)

Angelina Jolie plays the mom/Christine Collins, she really took it well. If you compared Lara Croft and Christine Collins and also that Wanted chick that can curve the bullet, you’ll be shocked. Shocked due to two things. One, she’s darn skinny… Two, she looks so vulnerable. The whole movie, my thought was, “Oh come on, give the lady her son back. And do quickly before I’m running out of almond.”
What about the rest of the cast? Well… Jeffrey Donovan, John Malkovich, Jason Butler Harner, Amy Ryan, Michael Kelly, Colm Feore and Peter Gerety. Those names can’t go wrong, people. And most of them really looked like who they’re supposed to be. Hahaha.
(Score: 1 – Great cast for a great movie)

Compared to most of the movie about Los Angeles, this 1928 version of Los Angeles is pictured using those ambiance that depict the gray side of Los Angeles, and not the Hollywood-ish glamorous side of LA. I like that for a change (you know, been watchin’ those CSI Miami lately…). The way they pictured all the “ancient” technologies are also nice, especially with the “portable” phone, hahahaha… It’s portable, because you need to plug it in somewhere to use it. Gotta love that vintage stuffs.
(Score: 1 – Great vintage stuffs. Now where is my vest and suit?)

There’s only one soundtrack which is dominant through out the movie. And it’s already fine by me. A drama with too many music will be rather cliche instead. So, the less the better? Probably.
(Score: 1 – Well, not much of a choice, but the one there is good 🙂 )

Drama Scene:
Love it. They placed the scene well, just like as if you’re really wearing Christine Collins’ shoes… or heels. I’m pretty sure they’re not heels. And you can feel the anger and desperation of a mom looking for her son. Really touching. Even make me wanna give announcement to Mr. Walter Collins, if you have a family or relatives by that name… his mother is looking for him.. so much. And being missing since 1928… I dun think the police are still after you. In fact, I think your case will already be sitting next to Lochness monster sightings and Bigfoot.
(Score: 1 – Really touch your heart. If you’re not touched, please contact local authorities, and admit yourself to the nearby mental hospital under “Case 12”, thank you.)

Overall, the score will be 4.5/5… The 0.5 is because it makes me wonder after the movie, and give me headache and anxiety to open the internet and do research on the missing case of Walter Collins and the Chicken Coop Murders. But overall, it’s a nice movie, a very nice. Moral of the story: A normal parent’s love is as far as time can go. (Had to use the word normal… this is 21st century… we have cases… >_>)



6 thoughts on “Movie Review Time: Changeling

  1. I cannot stop laughing when I finish reading the 1st para of your review. LOL… Really that touching ha? Ok I may go and watch…

  2. Code 12, L, code 12…

    Well, it’s a real struggle of a real mom, and since it’s a real story, you just can’t help but reflect to it. That’s the case.

  3. “Jolie decided not to adopt the new kid and look for her own kid instead. Sorry, new kid, you just don’t look needy enough… unlike the others.”

    Wakakakakak, nampol abis!

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