Time Press Forward…

But let’s move backward for a while… 2008 has been a low year for me, for some that knows me, you guys surely knows some or even all of the event that hits me directly or indirectly. Now by the end of the year, surely there’re a lot of things that I need to reflect on. Most of the things, I’ll just let it go and move on. Because some things just happen, and just like my title, we don’t go backward, we always go forward. That’s why your eyes is in the front in the first place. To remind you that the normality of the reality is forward.

So, let’s begin with the good stuffs in 2008:
– I got some model kits which is rare and needs me to hunt for it. Okay, so they are being re-released, but hey, at least my wait was not in vain.
– The finishing of my first painted BB Senshi Sangokuden which is Ryuubi (BB #300). The end result… well… let’s just say, I can even named it as my custom. 😉
– A bunch of great guys from my training… euh… only some that is still in touch. Well, I guess I’m that boring, haha. Silence! I kill you! (copyright: Ahmed – ed.)
– Changed my Dopod 900 to something lighter… hehe.
– Moving office! Okay, don’t get so hyped, we basically just migrate one floor below. And with all the fancy smancy planning, we manage to get a tight space and we call that classroom. Well, at least it got air-con…
– My dog gave birth. Why is that so exciting you say? Well, because my dog = my best friend = my partner. So, whatever makes her happy, I’m happy for it as well. Even though now, I have six paw up my knee when I visit my dog. Oh, and because my other best friends are nowhere near the requirement to be pregnant… (meaning: Men – ed.)
– Played Musou Orochi 1 and 2, and many more cool games.
– Being introduced by my sister to CSI NY and CSI Miami, and loving it. Will add that up along with Heroes and The Office. Well, yeah, and my TV list keeps on growing, and growing, and growing…
– Meet up with some new friends…

Now, the not so good stuffs in 2008:
– Lost almost all of that some new friends… Well, except those from the VOJ clan, of course. They’re still there, right, chloe?
– The 310 case. That really make me busy, worried, and “jobless” for a month. Thanks to some principal’s internal employee who make my reputation a mess.
– Lost my PSP buddy to number. Hohohoho. Well, number really ain’t gonna lie.
– Got in a feud with my landlord… Now this case is a bit of a pain, turns into a long saga and ended up with me renting a room now. Ah well, I just haven’t found that type of landlord that really clicks with me. (translate: one that doesn’t go suddenly greedy after one year, and not that much of a pain in the a*s)
– My dad cancelled coming to Singapore 😦 Well, still got my mum and sis 🙂
– Single. Still single. Single. Singularity point. Wait, that’s different.
– Aaaand… many more. o_O

Yeah, well, there’s a lot of not-so-happy things in 2008. But most of them are personal… So how about it guys? Anything sucks or fun on 2008? Wanna share? Go ahead… I won’t delete your comments. Unless it’s a spam comment of course… Then I’ll smack the heck out of your comment.

Well, happy new year 2009, all the best! Ciao.

PS: No, economic crisis is not one of the not so good stuff. Don’t bother me with that as well.
PS-again: No, I don’t care about my company going green. They don’t seem to be doing anything different anyway. But I’m trying my best to support that.


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