Xmas Xmas Xmas Wishlist…

Let’s do some listing of things that I want for Christmas… and definitely… not YOU. (reference: mariah’s all time song)

So, let’s see, things that I list here is categorized under hobby and model kit, so not like I don’t wish for a laptop, or a car, or a G5, for that matter, but this is the more realistic touchable wishlist.

Here goes:

1. MG Sinanju.

Who doesn’t want this masterpiece of MG? Hmm?

2. HG 1/144 Arios Gundam

Okay, in the movie, Allelujah now is more of a recon or defensive pilot, but we’ll see. And if you noticed from the latest episode of Gundam 00, you can clearly see the face of GN Archer :D, so, my second wishlist is both of them to be packed together. Hahahaha…. uh.. please?

3. BB Senshi Sangokuden Emperor Ryuubi

Behold, Liu Bei as an emperor… Even though in the movie or some games, Liu Bei is merely royalty family, in the BB Senshi world, Ryuubi is the successor of emperor Ryuutei. So, we have his shiny gold armor as an emperor form…

So, same like L… If only…

Anyway, done with my checklist. Ciao.


One thought on “Xmas Xmas Xmas Wishlist…

  1. You know maybe I may get the Liu Bei as emperor for the golden plates stuff…. that if my zhaoyun turn out well which I have not started yet. ;P

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