HG 1/144 Zaku Char’s Custom Review

Yo… ‘sup?

Since it’s close to christmas, I figure might as well give you a review on the red guy. You know… christmas… red… no? Well, I’ll figure the green some other time. Haha. Anyway, I got this fella on one of the sale here in SinCity. Now, this is a limited edition kinda thing, because this guy is actually an expo merchandise along with the clear Gundam, metallic Exia, and real color Zaku MG. I choose to buy this 1/144 zaku instead because I already have quite a number of collection on the RX-78-2 but none of the zaku.

First stop, the box:

At the cover you can see one of the epic battle between char and amuro where amuro just started to learn to use the Gundam and got kicked by Char’s zaku. So, this zaku is actually the symbol of the first eternal rivalry between this two pilots that will last until char’s counter attack.

As you can see as well, the box have the expo logo on it, noting that the item is actually a special expo item. But lucky for me, that item is imported by Takashimaya. Hehe…

Let’s see the inside, shall we?

As you can see, since it’s a special edition of the zaku, the inside is actually colored in chrome, and not the normal color. However all the joint and the runners are still the first version of zaku. You might notice this after you assemble it.

Let’s do a close up:

Now the back side:

Now when I try to do the IronMan pose, I got this instead:

The hand cannot touch the ground, hahahaha. But juuuust a little bit more.

What about the balance? Great. With zaku’s big feet, the zaku can balance itself just nicely. We don’t need to support it just to stand on one leg.

Let’s take a further snapshot, shall we?

Umm… I meant, some action snapshot like this:

Now, the thing about this release is the lack of stickers to support the fact that he is indeed Red Comet’s mobile suit and not just some random soldier that’s usually got shot in less than 3 seconds by either the Gundam, GunCannon, or GunTank.

So I’ll just have to improvise to make this model kit looks more patriotic, I guess…

If I put it on par with the other zeon collection that I have, I will have something like this:

Compare articulation:

And compare height…

Overall, here is my review for the zaku:

Plus points:
– It’s special… and preciousssss
– It’s easy to build, but the paint is more a pain… especially after you cut it
– It’s char’s first mobile suit, nothing more to say
– I like the shoulder design. It’s flexible, hehehe.
– The gun handle is cool as well.

minus points:
– Lack of decal/stickers
– The axe is black… why can’t they paint it yellow like kotobukiya??
– It’s using the first gunpla zaku, so… bear with the downsides

That’s all I suppose. See you! Ciao.


2 thoughts on “HG 1/144 Zaku Char’s Custom Review

  1. @Leon
    Thanks, man. I didn’t managed to get my hands on Char’s Z’Gok, otherwise it will be complete…
    (well, I didn’t get the sazabi as well… yet.)

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