Den-O SIC…s…

Okay. When I open my AFA review, I found out one thing. That actually my SIC pictures are not so clear… -_-;

Sorry, guys. It’s due to the bustle and hustle of fighting to take picture with people who can’t differentiate between Transformers and Gundam but still there and carry those gigantic camera that have lens longer than two of my pocket cameras stacked together…

Anyway, thanks to NgeeKhiong, I managed to snatch some picture… (well, along with some info) on the upcoming SICs and also the previous SIC. Now, the SIC that I’m focusing here is merely from the Den-O series. Why? Well… because that’s the latest one. (I’m hoping to get Bassha and Garuru’s SIC too, however :P)

Okay, if you want to have more info and want to see more pictures, here’s the original link of the images that I took…

S.I.C. vol 42
S.I.C. vol 43
S.I.C. vol 44
S.I.C. vol 45

Well, here’s the picture. Now, if you wanna see it in larger image, then go ahead and click on it. Or you can go to the link I just gave you to see more of the pose…

SIC vol 42: Plat Form, Sword Form, and Momotaros. (already released)

Even though the official name for it doesn’t say at all about Plat Form, they actually give you some parts to make the Plat Form. Make it kinda like an added bonus, in a way. Hahahaha.

This is the SIC that I currently have and I must say that I like it. Especially if you straight go to the Sword Form… It looks cool and doesn’t have the peach-y eyes like it used to. The movement and all the hand parts are very flexible as well. Probably the only thing is on the thigh. Well… at some pose, it doesn’t really clamp properly.

On to the main man… Momotaros with his sabre that looks bada*s… I like the way Momotaros are represented on the SIC here. Transparent shoulder and arm armour makes him looks really menacing. And the horn is transparent as well. You also get a cup of coffee and half a*s face to make him looks really dozed off. (the mouth can open as well, btw… )

SIC vol 43: Gun Form and Ryutaros (already released)

I always liked Ryutaros due to his dragon like appearance and his childish attitude. Hahaha. In fact, the only imajin that I don’t really anticipate for the SIC is only Sieg. Why? Because he’s just like a cameo… -_- Especially that odd-looking wing form… Well, anyway, here’s the SIC pics of ’em. You get the Ryu-Gun and Ryu-BubbleGun, hahaahha…

SIC Limited: Rod Form and Axe Form (somehow already released)

I have no idea why it is limited… even in the AFA, there’s only 100 pcs of ’em that’s being sold at Takashimaya booth… Well, enjoy the pics.

Side Note: I never really noticed that there’s a “bulb” in the chest of Rod Form or “twin drive” at the shoulder of Axe Form… o_O?

SIC Vol 44: Zeronos Altair Form and Deneb (somewhere December 2008)

FINALLY!! Deneb, hahahahahaha… Deneb is kinda like the type of companion that I wished I had. So, I’m excited on this release…

SIC Vol 45: Climax Form and Zeronos Zero Form (somewhere January 2009)

Euh… not getting it. Waiting for Urataros and Kintaros instead…

So, that’s for the SIC, to those parties interested…

Friendly reminder… these stuffs are not toys, these are hobby kits, means if you buy one so that your 9 yrs old nephew or brother can play, there’s a potential of choking and toxication. At. Your. Own. Risk.

Fufufufufufu… Ciao.

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4 thoughts on “Den-O SIC…s…

  1. Cross your finger, Leon, SIC vol 46 is from The Next. Still haven’t been announced. Guessing will be V3 and Shocker Rider.

  2. wow… i love SIC too…
    but i didn’t collect the den-o series yet. i just have the momotaroes sword hehehe…

    SIC vol 46 is probably from the First, and it is Ichigo with cyclone

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