Event Review: AFA ’08 Singapore pt. 6

Last part… finally.

Misc. Figures. Some figures are from japan and only in japan, but some are already around. So, if you like any and dunno what the heck is that, just lemme know. I can try to find out for you. (not the price, just the name and all that jazz…)


side note: What the heck is that guy doing kissing the floor? lol must’ve fall down due to the awesomeness of the Tetsujin.

Anyway, that’s all for AFA. I still got some more pictures. But will not blog it.



4 thoughts on “Event Review: AFA ’08 Singapore pt. 6

  1. Even though I am not really into Anime, I must admit the Japanese really know how to design! All the figures look great!

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