Event Review: AFA ’08 Singapore pt. 2

Now lemme continue with this so-called review…. fufufufufu…


After I finish drooling over the OYW version of G3 Gundam, I noticed they also display some of their already released and coming soon release of the mecha from the 00 Gundam 2nd Season, especially the big 4. Like 00 and Cherudim, which already been out for a while…

The 1/100 version of the 00 is also displayed along with the O Riser. For those who already purchased the very articulative 1/144 00 Gundam, dun worry, they will also release the 1/144 version of the O Riser in nearby moment. Probably along with a burst of Arios, GN Archer, and Mr. Bushido’s Ahead which is really… ahead:

Now, I don’t know whether you guys are really into Gundam or not, but CMIIW… isn’t that guy in the back was supposed to be called GN-XIII instead of Enact Sachesu? (and by Sachesu, I think they meant Ali’s Enact…)

Aside from that small fraction of willy nilly, BB 00 Gundam spotted! Hahaha, I already have that cute little fella and I already painted it as well. Resultying in my BB 00 having more detail than the HG version. Cherudim is also spotted but without his “interactive” shield pieces which I’m going to review next after my AFA posts. Along with Mr. Bushido’s Ahead that looks like a stag beetle to me.

And of course, the rest of Celestial Being. Arios and Seravee.

Now above this 00 series gala, I also spotted the not-so-new-but-still-fairly-new RX-78-2 ver 2.0. Showing here with his daring articulation and of course… showing some… “skin”. Hahahaha… Looks good, tho~ But of course I always have a tendency to like the first generation of Gundam.

Now if you’re wondering what is on the upper shelf, Bandai put some of their big guns on top. Like this guy:

Yup, the new MG Infinite Justice along with his ride:

Now, if you see at the background, you can also spot on the display an MG Strike Freedom and Destiny Gundam. Probably now they can straighten things up for the relationships between this three…

Well, anyway, what’s MG display without the Unicorn Gundam and the really anticipated Sinanju…

The Sinanju reaaaaally looks majestic… Damn.

Anyway, that’s all for part 2. I’m gonna do part 3 with the BAKUC competitions. Ciao.


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