Event Review: AFA ’08 Singapore pt. 1

pendekarYo. Sup?

Let’s do some event review… Particularly about the Anime Festival Asia ’08 in Singapore. To be exact, at the Suntec City Singapore.

Now, what the heck is AFA? Okay, it’s a two day festival which gathers all otaku from Singapore and probably some places nearby Singapore or otaku-tourists that happen to be in Singapore to see some stuffs anime related including the mecha. Hence the name… Anime Festival Asia. So, I present to you… The banner!

That cute fella there in the banner is called creatively by… Afa. Awww… creativity is sometimes so touching. So it really is in two days only and starts at 10 AM which is kinda funny especially since most of the model kit store here in Singapore open after lunch, hahahhaha. Wakey wakey, sunshine, profits calling…

Okay, I’ve never done any event review before, bear with me, okay. I’ll just do a walkthrough on the whole place, hahaha…. hopefully.

So, after you buy the ticket (yes, you do need to buy, thankfully…), you pass the ticket to the auntie on the door and then a friendly face will greet you. Of course not the auntie, silly… Huh? SPG? Well, not that too, most of the girls here is either a fellow otaku or 2D Girls wannabe (cosplayer…). So the friendly face I’m talking about is this guy…

Yup… 1/12 Gundam Exia. It doesn’t do anything. But seeing exia in all it’s glory is good enough, rite? Of course I would’ve asked for 1/12 Dendrobium instead, but probably the whole Bandai will look at me with:

The first counter inside the Festival belongs to Takashimaya. Rather shocking actually. Especially since they’re not really a main player for this model kits thingy, then suddenly they have a whole barrage of model kits to sell including the new HG 1/144 Seravee Gundam (Under development xp ) and some of the Sangokuden sets including the Touken no Chikai set. Shocking rite? Hahahaha…

Next you see some stalls filled with BB Sangokuden model kits all the way until our newbie here:

Yup, the upcoming BB #318 Emperor Ryubi. Including his steed and his dragon, so to speak. I didn’t take a lot of pictures because of one thing. My camera is behaving like mad when I tried to point to this kit that’s displayed using this white light, and somehow my flashlight sensor is not working T_T

So, while confused about my digicam, I looked down and found this:


aaand…. this: (they should’ve paint it gold T_T)

That’s only a few that I took picture of. The rest is lying there waiting for someone else with a better digicam to take picture. And happen to be, the place is packed with people and their DSLR even tho~ they can’t really make a difference between Gundam and Macross. They’re just there to show their “baby”.

Now since my camera is behaving odd, I started to look what’s behind me since there’re more people behind me talking about some limited edition kit. So I turned around and saw this guy:

Now, this G-3 Gundam are limited edition for the Festival only along with some transparent Exia which are supposed to be sold during the Gundam expo a long time back. Now the thing is, the one that label the G3 Gundam is Takashimaya and it really make me wonder what happen if let’s say… other cheaper Gundam shop is the one that labels it. Cheaper? Probably. But anyway, I already have a G3 Gundam, mine’s 1/144 tho~

Moving on…

We also have Exia Trans-am which looks kinda cool with all that lighting and transparant thingy and all. Hahahaha…

Okay, that’s all for part 1. I’ll continue tomorrow with the part 2. I wanna pack up, go home, and I lost the mood just now anyway. See ya.



4 thoughts on “Event Review: AFA ’08 Singapore pt. 1

  1. Yeah, because when I returned for day 2, that’s when all the bloggers and all the photographers comes in. Even those that don’t know nuts about anime.

  2. gw pikir orang2 yang tergila2 sama robot model begini cuman ada di tivi sama komik aja. ternyata ada kisah nyata temen gw sendiri..

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