There’s a bunch of garbage…

Near my office. Loads of them. Makes me feel right back at that time when I went to a certain place where they dump garbage everywhere. Is it that bad? Yeah. That bad. I come from a country where throwing garbage and causing flood is somewhat normal, and I think that the amount of plastic bag filled with styrofoam food package in front of my office’s building complex is really really bad. Wow. Anyway…

About The Customer Service

I went to NTUC SingPost Centre branch last Sunday… euh… yesterday, I meant… to buy some stuffs including three bulbs. I was having trouble with finding the correct size (yeah, I’m apparently bad at sizing those bulbs… really.) for my house’s lamp. So I went to this big buffoon and ask him about the bulbs. He was reacting like this:

ngupil – “Euh…”

Then come this manger looking customer service named Mr. Bond…. Okay, not Bond… but Bon. Now that guy really helped me a lot. Finally I managed to find what I’m looking for. Great service mr. Bon……d.

So, is this a story about a good Samaritan kinda thingy? No. Here’s the story began, when I was going to pay, I’m involved in this dialog:

Cashier (C): $@%#%#^%$&%^&%&^%$@#$@~!##$#$^ ? (Mandarin language…)
Me (M): *very very much puzzled* I’m sorry?
C: #$%&&*&*(^^$#$!@#$$%%$&%* ? (Mandarin language with 99,5% speed.)
M: *inhale, exhale, speak louder* I’m sorry? I don’t speak mandarin.
C: You buy 3 ha? (lifting my preciousss lightbulbs) This is one. (pointing at one of them)
M: Euh… Yeah, I’m buying 3 of those… that one and the other two is inside the plastic bag. I think.
C: *look at me, no smile, still holding my lightbulb* Two got promotion. One cannot.
M: *puzzled and a bit annoyed* (what promotion???) Umm… okay. I only need three, so let me just buy three.
C: One cannot, two promotion.
M: *no more puzzled, totally annoyed* I. Need. Three. Therefore. I. Buy. Three. Can I?
C: *silent, tap my lightbulb, then point at the price.*
M: (#!$@$%@#)

I won’t mention name. But lady… don’t let it happen again…

And btw… the promotion is an ugly mowgly hideous bag as a gift.

Huff… that’s all for now, I don’t wanna rant too much on a single post. Ciao.


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