I was thinking…

How often do you say something as “nice”? Or “excellent”? Which leads to the mindset of positive thinking. How positive are you to this world?

Look here, I work as a technical instructor, it’s kind of like my invisible duty to say those words to my participants even tho~ their ideas or questions sometimes are getting on my nerves. And that happened a lot. But after giving training, by the end of the day, the comment that I get is only mediocre. As entertaining as I tried to be. As knowledgeable as I tried to be as well, no point really. This week, I’m doing my course half-heartedly.

Just like in movies, I rarely hear comments such as “excellent” or “great movie” or “nice”. Instead, what I hear is “quite okay”, “not so bad”, “okay, loh”. Probably it’s just words, or probably they don’t really like that movie but the least thing we can do is appreciate the effort. Just imagine, if you have like kids or colleagues or brothers and then they ask them “Ey, how’s your brother/father/husband/friend’s work?”… “quite okay”. And the news travels to your ear. Oh boy, that’ll bring your spirit to the almost zero point. Trust me. I feel it now.

So guys, please, saying excellent or nice or great or any of those good things won’t hurt, it’s free, it won’t take your time and all. And it sure can bring someone’s mood sky high. Or you can continue spin the karma wheel. The choice is yours.


PS: For my friend GE in Beijing and L in Sin City. Thanks for the nice words. That can keep people spirits high 🙂


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