HG 1/144 GN-XIII Review pt. 2

So, hey ho hey ho, here comes part deux… As usual, I will show some gimmick and movement made possible by the GN-XIII. So here goes…

Show us, XIII.

Weapon? Ah, it’s about time, GN-XIII is equipped with 1 GN Lance, 2 GN Beam Sword, 1 GN Rifle on the side, and 2 GN Claw. Which one is GN Claw, well… the one on the hand, obviously.

Yup, you don’t have that, X. The GN Sniper Rifle or whatever it is named for GN-X is being replaced by the GN Lance that can transform to GunLance. The gimmick is better than 00’s due to the fact that you don’t need to take out the lance tip to change it to a Gun stance.

Wha… bully? wait… fat red one? The only one that’s red and fat besides you, XIII, is…

Yeah. Him. Char’s Rick Dom. And yeah… with the weapon.

Melee? Euh… probably not a grand idea, XIII. That Rick Dom is piloted by Char Aznable a.k.a The Red Comet. Famous for fast blitz attack and also one of the top gun of the Republic of Zeon.


-_-; as expected…

Well… that one is also expected… somehow.

0_0!! Wait, Setsuna… you’re not supposed to be here.

Green Uniform? Wait, Setsuna, that was supposed to be Lockon’s!
Well… there goes Char… wait, where’s GN-XIII?

Ahem… you can be a main character once you’re not mass produced, XIII, hahahaha. For now, just enjoy life the way it is.

Alright, to sum up, let’s do the plus minus thingy again.

GN-XIII’s Plus:
1. Short fin!!! I like em compact and not obstructing like GN-X… sorry bout that, Bandai.
2. I’m also a big fans of not plugging out my weapon when I need to change from lance to gunlance. And besides, Lance looks kinda cool. Like an army of knights kinda thing.
3. I got a beam effect for the beam sword. Why can’t they do it for the Gundams, tho~?

GN-XIII’s Minus:
1. Paint problem!!! Everywhere!!! Okay okay, I’m not using airbrush or all that, and I do admit, I kinda lazy having to do all those color mixing and stuffs.
2. Sticker problem!!! euh… yeah.
3. The armpit part is still loose, along with the chest fin. But if I glued it… haven’t thought of that.

I think that would be all… So… Ciao.


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