HG 1/144 GN-XIII Review pt. 1

Alrighty, here goes. The first part of my review about GN-XIII. GN-X and it’s variant are actually not my cup of tea, but I decided to still bought it due to anime influences. Yep, I bought them due to the fact that they’re the one that make our lovable quartet looked like normal pilot. Not really a kryptonite, since by the appearance of trans-am, the GN-Xs are basically lost. (but they’re many, so that counts for somethin…) Here goes.

So, the next HG model for Gundam 00 season 2 is apparently our friendly neighbourhood GN-XIII. Even though the box cover art looks like this:

The info on the side of the box shows, that the pilot for our GN-XIII is none other than…

Yeah… our friendly-girl-from-the-block-turn-one-handed-become-darth-vader Louise Halevy.

From my experience assembling it, I find it that assembling GN-XIII is more fun than assembling it’s brother. The GN-X. The reason is the “fin” on the chest and on the waist. For GN-XIII that thing is not as obstructing as GN-X although it’s still a nuisance for posing, haahahha. And then the main complain comes to the paint. For an HG product, the least thing you expect is doing a major paint job. Especially after looking at the picture, you expect the “arm pit” will be white and the thigh armor will be red. What do we get? The “arm pits” are red and the thigh armor is white. WTH??? And then they give us stickers. Awww, come on…. I ended up painting it. But anyway, I’ll start the model kit review.

So, for this model kit review, I’m asking help from someone that knows GN-XIII better than us, probably.

Hi GN-X. Yeah, he will be the guide, coz of course, GN-XIII was developed after GN-X, so we can safely assume that GN-XIII and GN-XII (haven’t heard or seen clear pictures of this one yet) are the improvements of our late GN-X.

So, where is our main model kit, GN-X?

Okay, see? The thigh armor are supposed to be white when I received it, but I paint it with metallic red instead, resulting in what you can see in the picture. I’m using Mr. Color’s paint because the red one I have from tamiya make it looks like it’s bleeding instead, hahahahaha.

Moving on, X.

As you can see, the “fin” really makes a difference in posing and even the GNs balance. X is most of the time stuck with his position as in standing with a straight back, where XIII can definitely move better.


Gundam? Euh… what’s gundam have anything to do with you guys?

Oh, rite… In season 1, Louise’s hand is blasted by Drei’s GN-T Beam and can’t regenerate… (even tho~ if you think about it, it shouldn’t be able to, unless louise is a starfish… but anyway, it’s future, anything, man)

Hahaha, it’s not a flaw in the mecha, X, it’s euh… pilot’s… euh… characteristics… I guess…

Yeah, he’s gone… I guess.

Alright, guys. Now can we see some action, please.

Stay tune for more action on part 2, guys. Ciao.


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