You see, there comes a time…

When you’re just stuck in the rain, alone, no paper or books to read, and all u got is a wireless connection to the internet. Like now. I choose to blog. Of course it’s because i forgot my handy dandy umbrella as well.

So here I am. Now I’m currently sitting at a very comfy spot with my hazelnut latte. The thing about a spot is, as comfy as it is, you’re still surrounded by what we call as environment. Yeah. So let’s talk about surroundings.

Back: well, we have a young couple studying at the cafe. Kinda reminds me of the ol’ days. Well, minus the café. And the laptop. (my laptop kinda behave like ultraman if i don’t charge it… 3 minutes, then blink.) Euh… And also minus the girl. Okay, so things are quite different back then. But u get my drift… No? Well, i’ll continue anyway. My blog, my rules. Ha.

Right: Noisy japanese. Now don’t get me wrong. I like japanese. I watch their products, like sushi, anime, tokusatsu, gundam, and many more. (two dollars tie, as well. Yup. In the office, that’s $2 dangling on my neck.) But loud speaking, smoking on a non smoking spot, and blocking my view for a beautiful girl, (nuisance rank in random order…) is just too much.

Front: One couple looking at the view. Drinking latte… And just now, leaving. Kinda reminds me of the good ol’ days. Ok, i’ll just stop. They’re moving to my right anyway.

And last but not least,
Left: Now among all the rain-shelter-looking-dudes, this is the most obnoxious one. The bums. Now call me rude and all, but i still don’t think sitting on a café without ordering anything makes you “eligible” to warm your a*s on a spot where most of us r actually paying to sit here. I wish some super villain will come and then zap them to limbo. These out of spot people, is. Just. So. Wrong. And also out. Of. The. Idealisme.

Okay. That’s my daily silence for this beautiful and shiny sunday. I’m lying of course. This is Sin City after all.

Ciao. I’m gonna go plan some stuffs.


2 thoughts on “You see, there comes a time…

  1. Yup, just in front of the coffee bean. Inside the coffee bean is filled with those people that study or to discuss things…

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