HG 1/144 00 Gundam Review pt. 2

Right, in the continuity of my previous post, let’s start with the second part.

Bring it, 00. Let’s speed up using your Twin Drive. Hahaha.

We can keep up, 00, don’t worry. In the box art, it is shown, that both of the GN Drive can be used to “boost” 00. Of course, that’s the initial intention for the twin drives to be there. In that sense, the model kit also enable us to put the GN Drive behind the model kits. Now, fly, 00, fly!

It doesn’t look right, as well, 00. But anyway, notice the ankle of the foot. One more feature of this model kits is it’s movement flexibility. Due to space and time constraint, (I was taking pictures on top of my bed and it’s dinner time, so I’m darn hungry after a long day at work.) I didn’t display the full range of it’s capability. But, if you’re reading this and interested, I’m sure other blogs already displayed some examples.

Continue on, let’s display some weapon action, 00.

As you can see, the GN Sword II looks very different to GN Sword I. Exia’s original sword looks bigger but this one looks more like the … sword thing that clings to Exia’s side skirt previously…

Now, the previous GN Sword have rifles for non-beam weaponry. What about 00, then? And what does he mean by magic?

Ah. Cool, gimmick, 00. So, the GN Sword II can also function as a beam rifle.

Side note: I have a question for all. Wouldn’t it be odd having a sword that can transform to a beam rifle??? I mean… do they like shoot from the blade or such? Hmm… unless they do have an internal structure inside the blade itself… which… is still odd… that would make the sword sumthin axe-like… o_O

Oh yeah, people will gonna recognize you soon, 00. Just like your predecessor Exia. Keep the “If you see my face, then it’s too late for you” spirit.

Uhm… yeah… Stop asking questions, 00. That’s for another 00… 7. I think. Or Clint Eastwood for that matter.

So that’s all for my HG 00 Gundam review, guys. Lemme brief it up for y’all.

Plus point:
– A lot of different poses possible for this gundam due to the joint structure. (They keep it simple yet very flexible)
– It’s fun to assemble and the arm structure is stronger than Exia’s
– The dual GN Drive.
– The dual GN Sword II.

Minus Point:
– no beam effect… AGAIN
– I thought there should be a shield for 00 somewhere???
– the absence of gattai for the GN Sword II
– the usual stuff… detail’s paint

With that, that’s all from me and 00 here.
No, 00, you’re not Superhero… And super hero time is supposed to be for tokusatsu. Ah well, time for lunch.



2 thoughts on “HG 1/144 00 Gundam Review pt. 2

  1. 😀

    You’re the only one leaving comment, dude. Hahaahahahahahhaaha… btw, how come I can’t comment on your site??

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