HG 1/144 00 Gundam Review pt. 1

Ok, as I promised on my previous post, I’m gonna do a two-part-picture-intensive review on my latest addition of model kits. The HG 1/144 GN-0000 a.k.a. 00 Gundam. (lots of zeroes, I know.)

For those who really have no clue about this Gundam… Euh… well… leave it be. For those who follow the timeline of Gundam 00, this mecha is Setsuna’s latest ride after Exia got sushi-ed by the new GN-XIII during his dunno-what mission that involves him doing Athrun Zala thing, blowing up AI-based anti-personnel gun, and ended up saving Saji Crossroad’s a*s. (which is not really holding any pivotal role as of the current storyline up to this point of posting.)

I always like the HG 1/144 line for Gundams, so when some local store announced that they have it on stock. I’m excited. Okay. Enough talk. Let’s review. And remember, if it’s too small, just click on the thumbnails to see the bigger version.

If you compared Exia and 00 Gundam. You’ll notice that 00 Gundam looks more similar to it’s predecessor, which is 0 Gundam. (lemme guess.. GN-000 ?) And this model also features the absence of the chest GN Drive display. Replaced by simple chest model like RX-78-2’s chest plate. Minus Amuro. And the “kyupin” effects.

“Tieria!!! Pass me the beam effect!! Without it, the hilt looks like an ice cream cone!!

The equipments given to this gundam is merely two GN Sword II, and two beam saber hilt without the beam. Again. Come on, Bandai. So, we need to borrow beams from each other?

On the other hand, the double GN Drive is somehow surprising. Here’s the thing. I kinda expected the shoulder will make it harder to model the model kits. In fact, it isn’t. Well, at least not as disturbing as the beam saber hilts.

Now, since I don’t want to be a hand model by photo-ing my hand in these gundam pics. I’ll ask help from someone about his size. Bring it on, Zhao Yun. Will ya help?

Thank you. So, what’s the main difference between Exia and 00 Gundam?


Now the right GN Drive actually belongs to Exia. (in the anime) But they plug it in anyway. Apparently GN Drives are plug and play. Hahaha.

Ahem… yup. That was fast, Zhao Yun. No wonder you’re one of the 5 tiger generals. The GN Sword II is a fun additional on it’s own. And I suppose it also possess the same ability with the original GN Sword I. To penetrate GN Fields.

Right, let 00 demo his ability… But to make my post shorter, We’ll do that on pt. 2. See ya on part 2! Any comments, just shoot. Hahaha.



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