This morning, I open my day by doin’ some usual stuffs… like opening my email, opening my office email, drinking some water and all that jazz, including opening model kit’s sites just to check upon some new stuffs. This morning I found this:

Neat, huh? Click on the image, guys, you’ll see it in zoom.

Probably, the question is “so, it’s just another Kamen Rider Kuuga toys, what’s so special?”

Well, here’s the thing, this fella is 180mm tall, doesn’t have joints visible, and it’s also posable. (of course, the price is also 4,410 yen… but let’s put that aside first, shall we?)

I saw this fella from NgeeKhiong‘s website, one of the website that I like to go to in the morning. It’s interesting how they come up with this ideas, man…

Okay, so what’s the secret behind the absence of joints?


Okay, so I’ll just leave it for you guys to explore the rest of the info in this link.

So, how is it, guys? Interested in one Twist Action Kamen Rider Kuuga Rising Form?



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