It feels…

Very very humid at the moment. Frick. Dontcha just hate it when it’s humid. It’s like being in a laundry room with no window. Hmm. Yeah. Anyways…

Out of Place Experience

Haha, nothing supernatural about it. Okay, I just saw a guy looking really frustrated then squat in the middle of the MRT station. Wth. Here’s the thing with being frustrated. Most of the time, since the victim’ll feel like the biggest failure in the planet, he/she would wanna be alone and reap at some quiet corner preferably with some sad music. (or ya can just sit at yr loo with yer ipod, privacy with sum extra twist, fellas)

But this guy, squatting in the middle of the crowd… So, here’s the question. Do you want to declare to the whole society (which I’m sure reeeeaaaaally care about what happen to u… like they care about someone else’s groceries) that u’re hopeless? Or u just happen to think that the devil will snatch u on the corner and decided that center stage is the best?

So I suppose there are 2 type of frustrated person:
1. The kind that purely frustrated. Introvert. Suicidal. Or just plainly a loner. (in case of the loo thingy, probably just having a bad day AND a bad stomach)
2. The extrovert attention seeker. Euh… extrovert. Normally hoping that some pretty/handsome being will approach and make things better then wanted to become a girlfriend, share some love and even more than that and all that jazz…. (Kalo kata kita2 tu… ngarep ye…)

Anything I miss? Me? You mean my type? Why number two of course… Did it work out you ask? Definitely… not. But at least I know among my friends who’s sensitive to my beautiful mood swings and who is just plainly as thick as merlion’s hairdo.

Well, that’s all from me. I’m drafting on the cell phone and my thumb starts to rally for protest. Ciao.


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