Why is it that…

I can’t have just a quiet Friday… Here I was going to write something nice then come my boss asking me to do things out of the ordinary. On my nature, I like surprises. I’m an easily bored guy. Therefore, surprises come in handy sometimes. But I don’t like surprises that have something to do with my job. That one, I don’t like it at all.

“If someone try to surprise me, please take care of him… for the family, of course.
Here, kiss my ring once again to prove my point.”

So, don’t make any surprises that have to do with my work. Period. (example: SURPRISE!!! You just been assigned to teach whatever-what-not tomorrow!! *Kilowogz punch!*)


The Love List

Now, let’s talk about one thing everyone’s good at. Love. Yup, when it comes to love, even Mr. Average Joe Yoohoo can be an expert on it. Simply just talk nonsense and mention the word love a lot of times. Even though to passerby his words will sound like chicken’s flatulence on a broad daylight.

Anyway. Ever had this question? What’s your ideal girlfriend/boyfriend? The question here is from another person who’s running out of question and know that this kind of thingamajig can create a very long discussion. So what’s your answer?
Exhibit A:
“Oh, I don’t go after looks, I after quality of heart, soul, kindness, blah blah, blah blah, blub blee”
a.k.a. Diplomats/Celebrities.
Exhibit B:
“I like to see nice … “ (fill in the blank with a certain bodyparts) a.k.a. Realistic.
or Exhibit C:
“well… ahem… you see… *cough*… like this…” a.k.a. Time Waster.
and of course Exhibit D:
“I like money. Money. Give me the money.” a.k.a. Majority.

Okay, I was watching Oprah show the other day. (Yep, I do watch Oprah sometimes, but mostly Ellen… don’t ask.) There was this interesting topic called The Love List.

Now, the idea starts with this question: If you ask yourself, what is your ideal partner? Then the answer can go a long way. The point here is actually to write the qualities of partner that you wish. The more detail, the better. The less detail, the more vague fate will treat you.

So, what you need to do is just make a list, you can put a number to see how picky you are, or just make it points just to see blog like list, and then keep it inside somewhere. Or you can frame it or blog it if you really need that much of an announcement… Up to you, really.

Then what? Well, here’s the thing, psychologically speaking, to get a great partner, the first thing is wanting one and knowing what you really want. Once you write it down, it will actually be “registered” in your head. And since this list is like a wish, you can also do the wishing to … any deity that you wish. And they say that it’ll come true. (no time limit specified, so no cash refund if you don’t get the love of your life in … well… couple of days.)

Do I have a love list? Yes I do. And it’s detailed. Do you want me to publish it? Yeah… right.



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