I Dial Your Number Today…

On a dead phone. Hahahahahahaha. Dumb. I was trying to call someone using this phone. I was trying to use it because I noticed that the phone got some line attached to it. When I pick up the phone, no dial tone. When I trace the cable line… it’s connected… to… nowhere.

What You Wear Is What You Say

I have a question, do you really know the meaning of the words printed on your shirt?

I just saw a girl wearing a shirt with some french words that basically means nothing. There is no logical meaning to what she’s wearing.

When I was 14, I have this one shirt that looks really cool. Black T-shirt with yellow-gold-ish writing on it using some chinese characters. I wear it frequently and am very proud of it until one day when I was helping out at my dad’s office.

One chinese guy approach me and said, “Hahaha, why are you wearing a shirt with terrorists writings on it?”. I was immediately puzzled. Apparently he was pointing the writing on my shirt. Since that day, I never wear shirts with alien writings on it. Normally I will wear something plain, or some writings that I’m sure I’ll understand when people question me about it.

What? The shirt? Oh… someone else is wearing it… I think. *cough*My cousin… *cough*

Alrighty. That’s all… See ya… gotta start the class. Ciao.


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