In my desk there is…

A dog. Sun’s dog to be precise. The name’s Network to be even more precise. Nope, I did not give that name. If it were me, I will give it a less… jargon name such as… Char. Hehehehe.

I Got Me A Mushroom

Nope, it’s not shitake or button or champignon. It’s actually about my new office. For those who knew my old office, I’m not there anymore, the whole division just moved one floor below. So now we’re at the 6th floor. New office, same job…

Let’s list the advantages first:

  1. I got to design the placements of stuffs on my room… which is not that splendid since it’s basically just placement
  2. My room is now windowless… there isn’t a single window in my room… this will backfire if my aircon is dead, then I’ll be like a bakpao inside
  3. Looks cleaner and whiter.. like a clinic. Minus the reminder to do all sorts of vaccine. (which I already point out to the contractor as a request… Didn’t went through.)

What about the disadvantages:

  1. Less space to walk, less participants, less space to put my projector without putting someone’s face in danger of heat exposure (unless that dude have a thick skin… literally)
  2. If my aircon is dead, HR better send me someone to fan me like those emperor back in the days… (minus the eunuch and the traitor landlords… landlords still exist till now.)

All and all, it’s working out. Step by step. Piece by piece. Now if only that lazy dudes that’s in charge of making sure everything’s in place work faster, I will be slightly happy.

It’s Only A Seat

Hmm… funny thing in today’s class… 2 competitors are sitting side by side, and then government bodies sitting side by side, then one lady behind. Hahaha….

Simplicity Is Just Simple

Okay, here’s one story. Last Saturday I was walking near some place at Singapore. Then I found a monk (well… he was dressed like one ) doing this:

Yup. Touching a tree.

My first thought was… “Hmm, is he praying due to the fact that now is mid-autumn period?” And then I was looking at the surrounding and decided that it’s actually an odd place to pray and besides, isn’t the festival was supposed to be celebrated? This guy looked sooo serious… (of course I didn’t ask him: Whyyyy soooo seriiiioouusssss?)

Then after a while rubbing the tree he started to close his eyes… take a deep breath… lifting his left hand… and then… he… pick his nose.

Yup. And-then-he-rub-his-left-hand-to-his-right-hand-and-rub-the-tree-once-again. (fast break mode ^_^v ) I was quite stunned… It really is true that some things should be kept simple. Who would expect that?

Okay so I learn two lessons yesterday:

  1. Simple things are meant to be kept simple, don’t over complicate thoughts.
  2. When a man gotta do it, he just gotta do it.

So that’s all from me. Ciao, guys.


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