My Gundams says…


Okay, so, I’m updating at a unique time table. Me and my boss have decided to use the word unique as another word for weird as well. Of course, at that time we’re talking about a group of people who cross the street like the street was their grandpa’s. (No offense, ndar.)

Anyway, normally during night time like this, my logic brain does not really work that hard. I try to rest it for the next day. Normally I’ll use it to count coin change so that I won’t get that 10 cents or even the gold-but-lack-of-usage 5 cents. (I normally only buy two things using 5 cents. McD’s shakes or M&Ms.)

Heart for Thought

Okay, I manage to scrape these few words out of my head and feeling (which is technically speaking is also inside the same part of a human’s head) and I come up with a short verse… enjoy:

“If stones and streams are what ripples to be
Know that your smile opens the heart of me
And when time stops in morning breeze
Let it be when our gaze meet to freeze” – BP ’08

Short Messages (Warning: Grumpy guy ahead.)

  • Uncle who criticize Bond… STFU… really.
  • Class 95 DJ … agree, tissue tag for hawker center table is such a pain. Normally I just throw the tissue. I couldn’t care less. Tag with people or bags, instead.
  • Another Class 95 DJ… agree, it’s quite logical that people should get out or the MRT first before the mass wave comes in. Unfortunately there’s a word logic there. Go figure.
  • DJ Vernon… hahahahahahahaha… I wish they upload more.
  • People who said that Hulk and Iron Man is dissapointing… go watch Pa Pa Ya, then.
  • BB Sangokuden stall at the First Toy and Comic Convention in Singapore… LEARN TO SPELL, DUNG. It’s Gundam with a bucking D not Gunam. And do some research before you put a tag. Come on….

Done. Thanks. Ciao.

PS: There’s a reason why I post anger and mushy mushy stuffs at the same time and it’s very logical.


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