Waiting to Go Back

Okay, this question or statement have been around for so long, but I never do anything about it. So, now lemme tell you one thing. Every time I say that I need a cup of coffee, or I’m not responding well due to the lack of coffee, I never really drink coffee in the end. Yeah.

Coffee’s not my thing… or for fun purpose, I should say that coffee’s just not my cup of tea. Ah ha!

So, whenever I feel drowsy or sleepy, I take a cup of cold water or warm water. And for long range goal of not falling asleep, I drink tea. (which of course didn’t work, and therefore being replaced by some physical activities like typing or standing, or both. Like now.)

I now, this is a short and somewhat useless post. I can’t think much especially since I’m looking for a new place to rent as well. So…



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