Early Starter and Late Comers…

doesn’t go along. Yep.

Anyway, today is kinda nice here in Sin City in fact, kinda have those warm windy feeling to it. Like walking with a summer breeze… So, anyway, what’s interesting today… let’s see…

The Way You Look

Yesterday I was being asked on what is the criteria for a woman to send the correct signal in terms of make up. Well… if you look in a mirror, and there’s a part of your make up that stand out from the other part of your face. Then, fail.

If your face skin color is not the same as the color of your neck such that you look like a Kabuki performer. Then, fail.

If the skin color is okay, and the color of every attribute that you have on your face blend together but makes you look like just come out of a spray paint job. Then, fail.

Done. Thank you.

Save The Floppy, Save The System

That’s what my boss say. So, for the past few days, we’ve been having problem with the system in the other training room. And we called all the support team that we have. Even the one that we don’t have (my colleague), and the one that know nuts about it but just there to actually pick up a Gekiviolet action figure then ended up being asked about it (me T_T ).

The thing is, I don’t know about those troubleshooting since the machine platform itself is not the same like the one most of us are using in our own respective places. So, when boss asked me, “do you know what could be the problem?”. My answer is, “Huh? I’m not sure. But the floppy drive sounds terribly irritating.”.

Then my boss decided to put a floppy disk inside the floppy drive. That disk happen to join the reboot process accidentally due to us not remembering to take it out. Guess what? That IS the problem.

Congrats, boss! And then he give a decree… “Save the floppy you can find in the division, and put it inside the floppy drive.” And the statement registers as “Save the floppy, save the system.”

Okay, that’s all, so… if there’s any suggestion on what should I post, you can do that as well, hahaha. I’m such a customer service. But before you ask…

Careful… Ciao.


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