Lunch Thought

Hmm… after having a torture lunch eating my chinese mixed vegetable rice which still have a lot to catch up with our own Warteg, I manage to escape out of the silence of boring office ladies watching Rachael Ray and get back to my laptop to do blogging. So this post better worth the loss.

Silence is Golden

Says John Wayne, some music band, another music band, and last but not least, me when I decided not to ask around for Mustafa and ended up in Golden Landmark Plaza. Silence is Golden. Get it?

But in my case, I have to say, I prefer alone and talk to my consciousness (this is one helluva tough word to type) rather than sitting together with my colleague and have lunch like we’re sitting in the national library. Come on, even Ben Gates can run around like monkeys inside the US National Library and manage to look interesting.

They just watch tv like a retard watching tom & jerry for the 2586th time on a broad daylight. Hrmph. Emo emo emo… Hrmph, how I wish I had a fun lunch that can make me go like this:

Haven’t had that like forever.

Dress to Impress

On the side note, the tv show is about whether or not dressing nicely give any impression to guys. Lemme rephrase that, “Do guys care about what women wear?”

Here, lemme give a straight answer. Hell yeah.

We do care about how women dress. The way they dress can give some important signal to men, like for example, if you dress like a black forest or that dude from M&M, we will assume that you like to go with us so much that you dress as something that we like the most. Thank you for that. Or if you dress like futuristic-gone-wrong, that will also gives a certain signal… the signal would be *wear earphone, tune a bit* “E…T… phooone… hooome….

Okay okay, but we do care. Then we know whether or not you’re having fun, are you the slow type or the fast but beautiful type, or you’re the type of girl that’s well… normal. It’s important. But there’s one catch here. We, as men, we tend to forget to do one simple thing before we go. Normally, I, not we, as in I… forgot to tell where we’re heading. *cough* yep… my bad.

Okay, that’s all for now. See ya. Ciao.


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