Some stuff I wanna write

Okay… where to start… hmmm… this is a hectic morning. To tell you the truth, every morning is a hectic morning. My day usually starts with a battle, either me versus aggressive auntie, me versus no-tolerance-to-other businessman/woman, me versus drunken old fart, and me versus “missing link”. (if you stay in Sin City, you’ll know who I meant)

So, not much to joke around in the morning, unless I win. Yes people, I am very fond of winning. When I win I tend to have jokes on my victory, or you can say, when I’m happy, I’m funny. When I’m frustrated, I’m sarcastic. When I’m bored…. I mock people. Hahahahaha. Sorry to say, my brain must keep on working on the creativity side so that it won’t go dull. And life is already dull. If you’re dull in a dull world, what does that makes you? A Dullitle?

Mr. Turbo Crotch

Okay, one thing in the morning is, your brain tend to think simple stuffs. So, there was this one morning when I was walking with one of my friend. Just as I was walking nicely, suddenly I heard this rapid sound of footsteps from behind me. So, as the conversation goes on:

Me: So, this Saturday I think I’ll go and watch some comedy, to make up for the horror movie.
Friend: Why?
Unknown: (walking rapidly – 15 m)
M: Well, last thing you want is to be frustrated and psychopath.
F: Hahaha, but…
U: (walking rapidly – 7 m)
F: watching horror movie probably will release your stress?
M: Wait…
U: (shoving – then walk rapidly – 1 m ahead)
M: Euh… he’s kinda… in a rush…
F: Agree…
U: (walking rapidly – 6 m ahead)
M: like the devil is behind him…
F: Agree…

U: (walking rapidly – 15 m ahead)
M: He’s walking like he’s wearing a turbo booster up his crotch… and the hair effect is there too!
F: (laughing)
M: Okay, I’ll refer to him from now on as… Turbo Crotch.
F: (still laughing)
M: So… horror movie?

And really guys, he’s walking like tomorrow is just seconds away… and always like that. I mean, if you wake up earlier, you wouldn’t have to walk so fast… rite? Unless he have fetish on that kind of thing 0_0… Sin City is an okay place to live in and to walk around at, so, enjoy the air, walk a bit slower. I even walk at my own normal pace and sometimes with my hands on my pocket to have that elegant feeling, hahaha… umm… and also to keep my handkerchief ready…

Okay, not much to say, and tomorrow is Friday: Last Day of The Tempuras… *echo* So… we’ll see. (sharks, I can already feel the friday fever, and it’s just thursday. Drat.)



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