Stripes Hoorah

This morning was rainy… Somehow I woke up at 5 am. Since moving to Singapore, I have a bad habit of sticking to my bed. I love my bed so much that when I’m already at my bed, I’m almost immovable. Yes, people, life is that tiring. So, anyway, naturally since it’s raining, I sleep again, then wake up one hour later to do preparation to go to the office. Well, anyway, I won’t make u guys bored by specifying every details of my activity.

The point is, by the time I’m ready, it’s not raining anymore. But the weather still have that feeling of raining. The bad thing about raining feeling is:

  1. Make you want to sleep more
  2. Make you want to go to office late
  3. But somehow you still want to arrive early

So, you can imagine how brutal it is on the MRT. That’s why, normally I will wait a while to avoid me being pushed around by a barrage of aunties that’s somehow equivalent to zombies on Resident Evil due to the rush, energy, and little sense of courtesy. (shoving behind someone’s back is not a good way to be prioritized… besides… d’oh)

The funny part of this morning actually occurs on the elevator at my block. The elevator stops at 18, 14, and 12, then every one that goes in are wearing stripe shirt. The one that went vertically due to the fact that I will look like a crossover of a giant bee and a bear if I wear horizontal stripes. Too bad The Stripes only last until floor 1, because one goes to the carpark (not me), one goes to the LRT (me), and the other go back up because she forgot her MRT card.

Okay, that’s all for today, got to start a class.



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