New Blog and New Layout

Hmmm… I’m not a big fan of layout editing. However, I must do so this time… Darn it.

Roof Crisis

Yup, out of the blue suddenly my landlord spoke about opening one room in my apartment and basically rising the rent price. That’s really disturbing. I dun really like the idea of having to share when clearly me and my cousin are renting the whole unit. But okay, let’s put that aside first. The thing that ticked me the most is the fact that just like a few weeks back, we had agreed on extending my contract with the same rent fee.

That time I’m so so so very glad that I wouldn’t have to look for another rent place and I can enjoy sleeping at night, knowing that I will still have a roof above my face. Then suddenly she said that due to the fact that she can gain more money, she wanted to rise the rent price. And now she told me to look for another tenant to rent the third room which is basically aircon-less. I’m so fed up with these people. I lost faith so many times on these characters. The type that I thought was dependable. Apparently, everyone is a bounty hunter, eh?

So now since I don’t have that much of a friend in this country, I guess, time to hit the road once more?


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