Morning Rush… I suppose…

This morning is just like a normal morning. As warm as heck, and as busy as heck as well. I took the direct train that goes all the way from the red line to the green line and ended up standing still on a moving can of mackerel. And in those situation…

Eye Candy, Not Skin Candy

As a commuter, it’s a really standard situation when you’re really pinched between people without no apparent room to move around. I can’t even check my cellphone when I got an SMS from my cousin. So, when there’s a commercial on the tv about how we should behave on the MRT, well, it’s not really applicable during rush hour. Just like this morning.

So there I was, standing still and don’t want to move due to the number of.. euh… natural traps that available due to the office ladies who push their ways into an already super crowded train. Okay, I’m a guy and a normal one, so not that I will complain much about my position, it’s just that… God, they’re so hot… no, not in a hot as in sexy or what… they’re hot as in temperature, it’s like standing next to a vending machine… really, they generate that much heat.. (ok, there’s one fact that I’m surrounded by 5 of ’em and not all of them actually generate the same amount of heat.)

Probably you’re thinking… “If that so, why not you take out your handkerchief and just put on a happy face?” That’s it. I can’t. I can’t move any of my peripherals without making contact with you-know-what. So there I was, sweating and luckily they alight at Clementi which makes my life better. Even though after that a barrage of uncles actually replace them and I had to push my way further deep inside the MRT. So for ladies, hey, don’t blame everything on us… sometimes, it’s just the circumstances calls for it. (fact: if the sweat really is excessive, then no choice, I will have to move and grab my armaments… a.k.a. Handkerchief)

Breakfast = Break Mood

I had a company breakfast this morning… the thing about company breakfast is… HOW COME YOU ONLY SERVE CARBO!??!?!? I neeeeeeeeed sooooomeeeee meeeeeeaaaaaaat, gimme soooomeee loooooove…. (quoting Alec Baldwin from 30 Rocks) Hehehe…. And there I was stunned by the food type that they have. Awww, come on, no communication or somethin’? And you say you’re a team?

Well, anyway, there I was standing thinking on what to get, then suddenly one of my colleague approached me and said, “Today’s food is mostly vegetarian, I think you should diet” F**k. There goes my mood and my appetite… I always have this attitude:

Ahahaha… I am so loving this dog… Niki!!! XD

It’s not like I don’t need one, it’s just that I don’t really need Oprah-wannabe to come up during such occasion to do that. I’m not really in the business where I should be as gay as watching my weight all the time and have comments like, “Oh my god, this suit makes me look fat…” Blaaaakh… So, yeah, that’s my attitude.

Okay, that’s all for now, gotta go back to work. Otherwise, I will be suggested to do blogging as my main job and doing training as my part-time.



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