Randomly During Class

Yeah… bite me… I’m updatin when I’m bored. Contrary to other people probably believe, I’m a talker. I talk a lot, only sometimes, I don’t know about that guy/girl’s interest. And I’m pretty damn sure, any otaku would have the same problem. We’re more comfortable in front of the keyboard. Okay, enough of the pep talk.

Friendly Shoulder Tap

When I was in the LRT, approaching some station… I don’t remember between Teck Whye and Keat Hong… and CCK… euh… yeah… Some guy suddenly tap on the shoulder and say “Euh… sorry, excuse me…” Ho~ That’s a good sentence and courtesy, lad. I think he’s used to stand behind someone like this:


Then, he will have to do shoulder tap… But today I’m not listening to anything, I mean, my ear is kinda free, so actually I’m quite aware that he’s going to alight. But that’s okay, a good courtesy is always a good start in the morning. Yeah, that and a good breakfast… I think.

Funny is just another F starting word

When I’m conducting a class, one thing that can keep the engine running is of course, the main element of the class itself, which is the participants. A trainer must be able to keep the class as lively as possible, and I don’t give a rat a*s about such things as having to keep a strict relationship between trainer and trainee, blah this, blah that, no. I don’t give a damn about that. I have my own method and all of those who adopt teacher style in teaching can kiss my neighbor’s dog’s arse, roll over, and die. So if I’m running my class, and the class is lively, that will be super. I will be very glad to conduct the class as spectacular as I can be.

The thing with the recent classes that I’m conducting, the participants are as good as a white paper. They’re good at absorbing what I’m blabbering, but I can’t really retrieve much of liveliness from them. These are the times when funny ain’t mean a thing. And I don’t like that. (among like hundreds of things that I don’t like about a lot of things)

Okay, that’s all for now. See ya all.



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