Randomly After Class

Was Indonesian…

Okay, I’m not much of a guy with a high sense of nationalism. But, at least if someone asks me question about where I’m from, I will proudly answer Indonesia. As worse as it gets, you can’t help to miss your homeland. Aside from family and pets which I very much miss, there’re things that’s just irreplaceable, for example, simple things such as Warteg. Stands for Warung Tegal. A place where you can eat enough to supply you energy to lift a high number of bricks. And my favorite stall. But of course since I don’t really work with tons of bricks, the energy goes to other area… yeah. Another thing is my friends. My dear friends. My companion, my なかま.

So somehow it really irritates me to hear someone say that he/she was an Indonesian. Umm… so what’re you now, bub? Singdonesian? New species or sort?

New なかま

Well… sort of… there’re two new temp staffs on my site. By having two new faces on my office, the ambient suddenly changes all of a sudden, my boss looks more focus to… well… whatever he’s doing… when he’s not busy chasing the staffs, of course. I have new colleague which adds up new people to talk to. And my other colleague… well… euh… next.

Anyway, that also means new lunch buddies! Haha, I haven’t had lunch buddies since my senior or so called guru left the company. Euh.. surprisingly, my colleague also eat lunch o_O? Euh… probably he’s bored eating lunch with me as well probably… Well, I’m an otaku and he’s a self-proclaimed adult. So… a bit difficult on both sides…

I suppose that’s all for the day. I was going to post so much, but suddenly blank. Nevermind. So, see ya.


PS: To the Tempuras, welcome !!! From your friendly neighborhood… Me.


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