Movie Review Time – Chocolate


Chocolate is a movie about love actually. Surprised? It is. Some people come to this movie to see butt kicking action and high flying No Shadow Kick. But in the essence, this is a movie about love. The story revolves around the life of yakuza wannabe in Thailand. There’s no real clue on what that YakuThai actually is doing in their business but one thing for certain is have something to do with employing drag queen to do extortion and sometimes killing.

The path of these YakuThai one day crossed with one real Yakuza, and that’s where the stories begin. Masashi is a Yakuza member and Zin is YakuThai member. They both fall in love and have one daughter despite their difference. To make things more complicated, turns out their daughter is suffering from autism. (Side note: I wouldn’t say that autism is a disease, it’s a disorder and it’s fine in a sense that the child won’t really suffer that much, I used the word suffering because it’s after lunch and my vocab brain is apparently still on break.)

But waaaait a second. This will not be such a good movie if it’s just a normal story. The child basically possess extra ability. The child that is called Zen, possess extraordinary hearing sense, super reflex, and exceptional brain processing capability to copy movement that is to her interest. (which is fighting, of course, if she’s doing Java training, this movie will be drastically as boring as crack.) After a while, the producer ended up having inspiration to add cancer in the process, yes people, cancer, that cancer, the deadly one, not the zodiac one. Zin is apparently out of the blue without any warning, suffering from cancer, and need money for her medical fee.

Pushed to the edge, Zen and her trusted companion, Robin… erm… I mean, Patrick. What? Oh, Moom. Yeah, the partner name is Moom. So, both of them try to make money by all means, basically Zen will display her ability… (I like how Zen answer “Ok”, so cute… really…) then Moom will collect money. Moom is just a deadweight. They should’ve pair Zen with Tony Jaa. Probably we’ll get something like Batman – Nightwing combination. Anyway… one day, Moom found … *echo sound* Zin’s Book of Debts… So the reason why Zen is involved in fighting is because of this. Otherwise we will just be seeing love movies with tears and Zen catching apples like Daredevil.

My thought of the movie, hmm, it’s a good one. Refreshing. Zen’s fighting style is really amazing. Mostly will be Thai Boxing, even though she screams like Bruce Lee female version. The fighting scene is nicely done and show a very effective fighting skills. Including Hiroshi Abe’s samurai style fighting. The downside of this movie is… Why does this movie have to show Ong-Bak’s scene??? This movie can stand on it’s own without having to show Tony Jaa’s exquisite moves over and over again. Come on, guys, we know that Ong Bak and Tom Yung Goong is great movie due to Tony, but enough is enough. We’re focusing on Yanin Vismistananda(Zen) now, the least you can do is probably show some of Abe Hiroshi’s (Masashi) slick move with his tall feature. But all and all, no further complain.

Verdict: 3.5/5



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