One Session Done….

Yup… so, this is apparently day 5. Normally on day 5 in my office, we started to plan on how to get retarded after office. Doesn’t mean the retard…iness… is there such a word such as retardiness o_O??? Yeah, doesn’t mean the stupidity doesn’t start on the fly. It does. ^o^v

So, normally after class, we trainers are resting. Resting our voice mainly… My voice is almost out. I used my voice a lot this week. To do training, chatting, talking on the phone, talking to myself… u know, the usual. Okay, nothing’s really happening today. Not much at least. Oh, there’s one girl on the 4th floor that can’t speak mandarin but looks chinese. I’m pretty much curious about her. Is she an Indonesian as well??? Anyone having an info on that can email me, hahahahaha…

On-the-go Games

Okay, for those of you who have met me on the train or bus… (judging from the number of readers, I pretty much say the odd is quite high…) You probably see me playing my PSP, or see me trying to play my PSP, or probably seeing me trying to fall in a cool way because my hand is stuck in my bag while reaching for my PSP and the train suddenly topple. Yes, people, that happens.

So, my quest begins, I look for game that is capable of being played with using one hand only and still fun. (coz I can play sudoku on my handphone then be bored) So I come across this game called flOw.

Here is the screenshot of the game:

I’m hungry for snack… wait… the blue thing looks like a… ahem…. anyway,  snaaack…

So, that’s the screenshot folks. Looked plain? Yup, the game is like a super 3D snake. The main point is also the same, u eat to replenish health, and then you eat others to evolve into a powerful 3D fish-like creature. That’s all. But I can assure you, it’s addictive. Especially after u manage to unlock the friends. They say this water-snake-creature-thingy have 4 forms, I have only managed to unlock 3.

Since the control is fairly simple, you can play it in one hand, while the other hand can look for someone’s hair or neck on the MRT or bus. Isn’t that convenient… And furthermore (Trivia: I always say furthermore similar to Voldemort…) you can even play your PSP upside down! Doesn’t matter at all, really. (unless you’re like having a weird sense of accuracy)

 Bukit Panjang Pasar Malam…

Yaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyy, there’ll be a pasar malam near my place… I’ll give you one word. Food Fiesta!!! I give you Fiesta, I take the Food, hahahahahaha… Is it really that nice??!??!? You’re asking me???? Do I think it’s that nice????? The answer is… not really. Okay, so I exaggerate things. It’s just fun to see my neighborhood look alive at night time. And I’m sure the guy who do the wiring all night will feel the same. So, come on down to the night market and have a blast, while you’re at it, you can let me know when you come…. Will I join you? Not necessarily, hahahahhaha… just for the sake of it, hahhahahaahha….

*looking at post about pasar malam*

Darn. I think my anti-depressant is going to expire soon. Gotta grab more soda to calm down. See ya.

Ciao. Edit: Soda out. Tea to the rescue. ‘Nuff said.


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