Outcasts and Late-comers


People who come from a certain group then now is not on that group anymore. Yeah… something like that… In my line of work, outcasts are term for those people who has been doing something for a long time and then move to another job desc and re-learn things that they’re not comfortable with. I’m not comfortable in teaching them, basically. Why? For a very simple reason. They’re not supposed to be here. The matters that makes things worse, they’re not used to being greenhorn anymore. They have this wise-guy attitude and always comparing my course to their knowledge. Something like “From what I know…”, “What I usually do…” … I really hate to break it up to you people but… THIS AIN’T YOUR TERRITORY. I have couple of participants who tries to compare SQL and Java syntax then tried so hard to look smart doin’ it. Us as a trainer have to keep our friendly face all the time. And sometimes, that’s just damn difficult. And sometimes these people are just here for the sake of warming the chair in my class room, and all they did is:

Trivia: My dog on a bad day always have her ear like this… not because of anything, it’s just due to her waking up late and the ear is accidentally folded behind hahaha….

But again… I will have to break it up… for Support people, during break, they talk about their client and joke about it, for Managers… well, if they do associate, they will talk about their past employee (in my company, I’m sure that’ll be a long topic to discuss). For trainers? Participants. Enough said. And says who that men do not gossip? We do gossip as well, it’s just different topic, and we mostly call it by other name… discussions.


I’m picky about time. Most of the people that I befriend with will know about this habit of mine. I will try as hard as I can to be punctual. Even sometimes that actually means a lot of things needs to be done in a much much faster way. If you want to give me a deadline, give me a specific deadline, then I will be punctual. Don’t give me, “please return to me by next week.” Goodness… a week is 5 weekdays and 2 weekends… And sometimes in the confusion, I’ll look as if I’m procrastinate things.

So, due to this punctual habit, I hate late people. But of course, in this world full of hate, you need to have tolerance… so Iwon’t be that time-freak kind of guy. But I will still demand timeliness which is missing from the guy who deliver snacks in my office since he always come a bit late. But now is a bit better ever since I give him a word or two… or three… a whole paragraph about my schedule and how I love to come out of the class seeing the snack is already there.


No no, not kanpai… After all that nagging and yapping, now it’s time to show you my wanted list for SD Gundam… The next on my list is the son of Kanu who holds a similar weapon to his dad minus the beard. Kanpei. Or a.k.a. Guan Ping. Here is the pic:

Hey, dad, how about some shave… khu khu khu…

The armor looks similar to his dad, and I figure that I will have to do a major work of painting as well to the equipments… but ‘sokay. It’ll be worth it to see the whole Shu family line up together… Note to Bandai, WE WANT WU!! Bandai is very Shu-oriented at the moment (Θ_Θ;)

Okay, that’s all.



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