Hot morning… literally…

It’s a hot morning, not in the weather wise… this morning I accidentally pour half glass of hot cereal mixed water to my left hand due to a certain mis adjustment of my left hand actuator… Hahahahahha…. do I feel like a Gundam. Okay, but that does happen. Okay, so actually it’s my fault because I don’t really concentrate fully on my hand instead was thinking about today’s plan. And that’s bad…. The worst part is watching the water launching upwards diagonally heading towards the wall… I have to do initial clean up, amateurishly of course while waiting for La Auntie… XD Then I had to stand just to tell everyone, “Guys, that may look like someone’s mouth output during digestive problem but that’s actually a Milo cereal that taste quite nice… but it is inadvisable to taste it, tho~”.

Speaking of my division… (・д・。)? … Yeah… I think we need someone to be stationed at the front. Really. I’m not happy to know that people can come and go in my division without a single soul noticing… Especially during this weeks where all of us are actively training… or at least pretend to. We need more peeeeeoooopleeeeeee … puuuuh-leeeeezzzzzz  … and don’t try to find a cheap replacement. Or else you’ll get sumthin’ like:
Due to minor investment, we get minor usage as well… (TεT)
PS: meh is for me, not meh as in Singlish.

Anyway, I’m really anticipating for the MG Shin Musha Gundam.

One leg slashing stance!!! Hiya!!! … … have to pose and keep still……

Says who I don’t like Gundam??? I just look as if I don’t like Gundam. In reality… I like ’em. Now, pass me your gundam… khu khu khu… And for those of you who’s actually noticing… (I doubt any…) , I’m not migrating to MG level, nope. My main focus is still 1/144, it’s just not much of excitement lately in 1/144 series, the SD Sangokuden also coming out one-by-one slowly. Ya, so that’s what happened.

Okay then, that’s all, folks….



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