Warm morning… (understatement)

Okay, this is a warm morning… actually this morning starts with a cold morning. Air-con. ‘Nuff said. But it’s one of those morning where u just feel super sleepy and all you wanna do is lie down and play dead… Okay, that’s harsh… lie down and play zombie who just been shot at the leg and decided to immobilize themselves due to boredom and tired of having to said, “Brain… I want Brain… Preferably with Padang Sauce… Brain…” … khu khu khu… Ahem. Anyway, this morning on the MRT I also saw this guy.

Pharell Wanna Be

Yeah… like what the title said. There’s one guy in front of the LRT’s elevator doin’ the rap routine with his mp3 player on, the yo-dawg-check-it-out-i’m-in-da-house kinda routine. The thing is he’s waiting for the elevator. The funny thing is he didn’t press the button. Dawg. So, what happen is, I scoff him off, then I press the button. You should’ve been there to see his face… really like:

Press the button, dawg… I mean… dog… Umm… yeah…

Yeah, like that, hahahahahaha…. Good way to start a day, is to see something priceless…. ahem… dawg. Hahahaha, he thinks elevator operates on prayer and dreams, hahaha.


Good movie. Good series. Love it. I wonder is there any english translation to the novel. If there is, I’m kinda interested to buy and read ’em… It’s a story about this group of trouble shooters. And the good thing is they’re basically bunch of ordinary people (even considered weak sometimes) with limitless potential (says the founder of the group) you can go to this link basically to read more about it. My fave character? Page-kun, of course… the l-l-l-eader. Hahahaha.

That’s all for now… I’m gonna watch アキハバラ@DEEP.. nah, just kidding, I’m training… T_T (MC is out of question… unless you’re really immobilized)



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