Voice of Jakarta

It has come to my attention that some of us “perantau” is actually missing our hometown music flavour… Look no further, because our hometown’s (Indonesia’s-red.) music is just a click away! Simply go to this link of Voice of Jakarta. Then, see the shoutbox on the lower side of the earth… erm… I mean the browser. Register… It’s Free!!!… … … hahahaha… yeah… Register your name, then start chatting. The upside of this internet based radio is, since the radio is still in small scale, it’s easier for you to interact with the DJ and then easier for you to request a song… or songs… or populate the whole session with your taste… T_T

Here is the screenshot:

The template is different now, so don’t worry, now looks better… Rite, chloe?

If you’re not Indonesian but wanna have a taste of Indonesian songs… hmm… There’s no stopping for you, right? It’s internet world anyway, you can just login and N~joy…. So what’re u waiting for…. login to VoJ and have a blast… (For those in Singapore, we’ll have gathering soon…. I think. Depends on how fast Jimi can swim to get back here… hehehehehe.)

Ciao. (+▼ω▼)v


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