The Master Tactician

Well, finally after a barrage of the three kingdoms character, our master tactician finally decided to show up at last. Not after a three visit, I hope. But here it is:

BB #208 Koumei Re-GZ

BB 308_1BB-308DSC05575
To paint or not to paint… bloody hell, now that’s how you spell different. P-A-I-N-T.

looks neat, huh? But look at the amount of painting needs to be done to resemble the promotional pictures… T__________________T But I’ll still get it, tho~

Now talk about Zhuge Liang, how about we see some of it’s human pictures as well? Hmm?

This is his looks in the famous game Dynasty Warriors 6… Sadly I don’t play it T_________________T

Two of you, step forward here, we’re gonna play shoot-em-up.

I do however played the Warriors Orochi on my PSP XD, so here’s him with his calm nature and cunning strategy…


And for the upcoming Battle of The Red Cliff movies, I present… *drum rolls*… Takeshi Kaneshiro as Zhuge Liang…

Now, wave to the crowd, Kong… and show some love…

The one on the right, of course… with his famous fan, and tiny beard that pale in comparison to Guan Yu’s… beard.

Well, that’s all. It’s just a post regarding Koumei, hahahaha… Ciao.


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